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Info Update 2020/47                                                      Issue Date: 14/09/2020
New Government Guidance for COVID - From 14th September 2020
Following the recent Government announcement, the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) has issued new guidance on social gatherings. From 14th September there will be legal limits on how many people someone can spend time with in a social group at any one time.

This guidance applies to social gatherings but does not apply to workers in workplaces, or to schools, universities or colleges.

Whether indoors or outdoors, people from different households must not meet in groups larger than 6.

Venues following COVID-19 Secure guidelines can host more than 6 people in total, but no one should visit in a group of greater than 6 people. This limit does not apply to meetings of a single household group or support bubble which consists of more than 6 people.

The number of people permitted to gather in indoor and outdoor spaces could vary with local restrictions. Find out where local restrictions are in place here:

Businesses should not intentionally facilitate gatherings between a greater number of people than is permitted in their local area; and should take steps to ensure customer compliance with the limits on gatherings.

If your business is a pub, shop, leisure venue, restaurant or place of worship you should:
  • Let customers know that, by law, they can only visit in groups of up to 6 people (unless they are visiting as a household or support bubble which is larger than 6). Check with customers on arrival who they are with and how many people will be attending. Put up signs to remind customers to only interact with their group.
  • Ask customers indoors to remain seated. Provide table service where possible, and discourage customers from standing at the bar.
  • Keep groups apart. Space out tables, consider using barriers between groups, and manage the number of customers in the venue.
  • Manage food and drink service safely. Avoid situations where customers need to collect their own food, cutlery and condiments. Avoid contact between staff and guests.
  • Lower music volume and other background noise. Prevent shouting, singing and dancing in the venue by making sure music and broadcasts are played at a low volume.
  • From 18th September – By law you must record the details of your customers and keep this securely for 21 days.

Businesses that are found to operate in a way that increases the risk of transmission (for example by facilitating indoor gatherings between multiple households) can be closed by Local Authorities under the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) (No. 3) Regulations 2020.
The advice and comment in this update is not meant to be an authoritative statement of the law. The articles and summaries should not be applied to any specific set of facts and circumstances without seeking further advice. Whilst every care is taken to ensure that the content is correct Sentient cannot accept responsibility for the accuracy of statements made nor the result of any actions taken by individuals after reading such.
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