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I am proud to bring you MRIA's Annual Report, capturing the association's milestones in the past two years. Under ten pages, this can be read in a single sitting. The objective with this publication has been to answer questions we have been asked all year: who we are, who we serve, and what we have accomplished since remeerging post-insolvency. Creating this report has been bittersweet as I revisited multiple data points, also recalling the several times in the past six years I convened with industry heads and others to shape and transform this brand of the future. Unveiling for you "Insights in action: Canada's research association in the knowledge age," also located on our membership renewal page.  I look forward to reading your feedback and comments.
In the new year, I can't wait to welcome you at our inaugural January 14th seminar  "Are Polls Obsolete? Boosting Trust, Accuracy and Data Quality in Survey Research." There is still one speaker slot open in Session 3 - "Perceptions of polling: brand implications and corporate reputation." Get in touch if you are interested in sponsoring our event! Your sponsorship will help cover the production of this fun and classy event and we welcome any support in launching our first seminar successfully.
If you have attended any of our past live events with similar themes in public opinion polling and marketing research, you'll know the kind of success I am talking about! With digital events, our audience capacity multiplies. You will gain exciting takeways on how to improve client services and stay more relevant in industry whether your're a pollster, a brand-side researcher, an organization that uses marketing and public opinion research, a government official, or a student. Importantly, this forum will connect you to a diversity of thought-leadership driving business and public sector research today.
Renew your membership for the next year to avail of opportunities that boost your professional profile. Instructors, please respond to the call for teachers as you scroll below. Looking to connect with marketing research educators for adhoc courses and for enhanced certification curriculum as it updates for the upcoming year. 
Finally, don't forget to sign up for our annual holiday party at the end of this message. Among the many surprises in store are merry insights games, gratefulness pitches and mentions of this year's CMRP achievers. Be civil, kind and respectful of one another.   
Happy holidays!
Until next time, 
Arundati Dandapani, MLITT, CMRP
Chief Editor & Intelligence Officer (CIO), MRIA-ARIM 
2020 AAPOR Burns Bud Roper Fellow 
2020 QRCA Young Professionals Grant Awardee
Inaugural GRIT Future List Honouree 
January Seminar 2021
Register for January Seminar: "Are Polls Obsolete? Boosting Trust, Accuracy and Data Quality in Survey Research"
The power-packed seminar will be divided into four sessions, with five keynote speakers setting the context for polling, followed by sessions on data quality, trust and sampling issues, a session on perceptions of polling, and finally glimpses into the future of polling. This promises to be an all-star cast with enduring insights for everyone and their clients!
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Sponsorship benefits range from membership opportunities, to extensive mentions in our programme booklet and press, logos throughout our communications, media interviews and other custom opportunities. Big shout out to our current sponsor Remesh, as well as media sponsor Quirk'sWe will be expecting luminary guests across diverse client sectors, government and the media.  Expect between 300-500 in audience. Secure your sponsorship package today!
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Professional Development Opportunities
Call for Instructors
If you are an interested teacher with skillsets in the following topic areas: 
  • Qualitative MR (basic & advanced) 
  • Quantitative MR (basic& advanced) 
  • Competitive Intelligence, Competitor Benchmarking, Mystery Shopping
  • CX, UX, EX, LX
  • Market Intelligence
  • Sampling and Data Quality Issues
  • Data Marketing Management for Researchers
  • Global Marketing Research Ethics 
  • AI, Research Tech and Data Privacy
Please state your teaching interest to info@mria-arim.ca. Members and potential members will be given preference. You are encouraged to provide examples of evaluation or references that attest to your teaching abilities and / experience.
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Be an active CMRP, a partner institute, or post in the Statistically Significant Resource Centre or any of our insights forums. Contribute a blog post, be an instructor, event speaker, engage with industry at your pace to stay on top of research trends in Canada and beyond. Network with like-minded professionals and gain high visibility and reach.
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MRIA Annual Holiday Party on Dec 22nd, Thursday, 4 PM EST
Would you like to say thanks with a bunch of fabulous industry professionals pitting your wits together to win at Trivia and Truth or Dare games? We will also announce the freshest crop of CMRPs of 2020. Join us to celebrate the end of a very long year! 
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