Further August shipping update 
Our August boxes and book only begin shipping today! UK tracking will be emailed out over the next couple of days. Our international orders ship in batches over several days, with your tracking sent when your order ships. We expect all orders to have shipped by the end of the week.
We do need to let you know that the Lunar Chronicles item is missing from the full boxes, and we're so sorry this delay wasn't mentioned in our original email. We are reliant on the companies facilitating our sea shipping to provide timely and accurate updates. Unfortunately the company we used informed us very late that there would be a week's delay with the boat arriving, and then again very last minute that there was a further two week delay. It also takes further time for boat to be unpacked, the shipments cleared through customs, and the item couriered to our fulfilment centre. Given this, we didn't want to risk a futher delay in sending the August boxes & book only until it arrived, as we still don't have a firm date.
We therefore made the decision to ship the boxes without this item. If you ordered our September box, you will receive the Lunar Chronicles item in that box. If not, it will be sent to you separately. 
Again, we're really sorry this wasn't mentioned in our original email. We had issues getting timely updates from this company, and news of the delays came incredibly last minute. We have no plans to use this company again.
We hope you enjoy your August boxes!
Best wishes,
Team Illumicrate
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