Building your case for better data quality     
So we thought the pandemic was almost over? Disparate views emerged on public health and safety measures. The number of cases rose and lockdown continued. This grew our focus on business recovery talks as it pertains to suppliers and clients of research. More on this at the end.
Then we witnessed competing hypotheses on perceptions of polling taking another hit As accuracy remains a core tenet for the marketing research professional, varied discussions and enquiries informed the debate on how data quality could be improved. Survey research and its validity continue to come under fire from professionals across the spectrum of industry. What biases did we account for and which ones did we overlook
Energized by a range of discussions on the trials of estimation alongside industry innovation, we propose our January event with a leading line-up of marketing and public opinion researchers who will answer the question of "Are Public Opinion Polls Obsolete? Boosting Trust, Accuracy and Data Quality in Research". More than conventional sources of data, better ways to ask questions, mutliple modes, and psychological, technological and sociological approaches only enrich our datasets; or do they? If you would like to participate in this event as a sponsor or speaker, get in touch and grow the conversation!
More anticipated updates in privacy legislation were announced early this week that return control to consumers of their own data, with the promise of effective data monetization seeming closer to the Canadian reality. The proposed changes also signal greater protections online and offline, keeping people safe from fraud, privacy breaches, and abuse. Trust in marketing researchers who comply with these new policies will only grow.  The onus falls on us to bring back trust in market research, which according to the GRBN's Consumer Trust Survey 2020, is just at 26% or about the same as trust in mobile phone operators
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Research in Practice
Humber College Forum

Our partners at Humber College are hosting their annual research forum with an exciting line up of speakers on the topic of:

Equity and Technology in Research: Multiplying Benefits or Creating Divisions?

Hear from experts, witness student research projects at their best and network with industry guests to gain enriching perspectives on the evolving insights landscape on 23rd November, Monday.
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Mastering Dashboards

What is the connection between effective dashboards and smarter decisionmaking?

How can impactful data help you stay relevant? From Gabor Granger to Digital Focus Groups, learn how collecting both impactful and insightful data is key for any dashboard.

How do you report innovations with greater profit margins and offer dashboards to clients with zero outlay?

Tune in on 19th November, Thursday, 1 PM- 2PM.
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Business Recovery and Renewal
After the Pandemic: Resuming Work, Life and Opportunity
Leaders from Mastercard Data Services and the University of Calgary and DMC Canada join us to discuss the outlook on business recovery in the realms of resuming work, life, and opportunity post the pandemic.

Attend for research insights on behaviour change, technological growth and reskilling on 3rd December, Thursday, 1PM - 2PM EST.

Join in these business recovery talks that dissect all you will need to succeed in the new normal.

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