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…This month work conditions have changed for many of you due to the global COVID-19 outbreak. Most events scheduled for the coming weeks have been cancelled or will be held online. Therefore note that our events calendar might not be completely up-to-date and please double-check the event websites. In what has proved a timely move, EFG has recently endorsed two e-learning courses organised by our Spanish and Portuguese membership organisations. We also draw your attention to the webinars made available via the GOLI initiative and a MOOC provided by Copernicus. Stay safe and enjoy the reading! 
News from EFG & its members
EFG News
Interview with Nikolaos Koukouzas, coordinator of the EFG Panel of Experts on CCS
EFG’s Panels of Experts (PE) have been set up to provide high-quality advice and information to the European institutions, to international NGO’s and to other global professional associations. EFG has currently 10 Panels of Experts active in the fields of CCS, Education, Geological Heritage, Geotechnics, Geothermal Energy, Hydrogeology, Natural Hazards, Minerals, Oil & Gas and Soil Protection. The Panels involve more than 200 voluntary experts from over 20 different countries and all aim at emphasising the importance of geology to society, the benefits of incorporating geological advice and to promote the importance of the geoscientific profession. To promote the activities of these Panels of Experts, EFG is presenting its coordinators in an interview series. In March 2020, we have talked to Nikolaos Koukouzas, the coordinator of the Panel on CCS.  | Read more
EFG Projects
REFLECT (Horizon 2020): First AB meeting
The efficiency of geothermal utilisation depends on the behaviour of fluids that transfer heat between the geosphere and the engineered components of a power plant. REFLECT aims to avoid problems related to fluid chemistry rather than treat them. The REFLECT Advisory Board (AB) recently met for its first meeting at the geothermal site of Pfalzwerke Geofuture GmbH in Insheim (Germany) on 4 March 2020. | Read more
ENGIE (EIT RawMaterials): Encouraging girls to study geosciences and engineering
The ENGIE project is currently conducting two surveys:

Women in geoscience and geo-engineering
ENGIE intends to capitalise on the experience of successful women in the fields of geosciences and geo-engineering. Therefore the project team is currently conducting an online survey on the motivation and experiences of female geoscience professionals. The questionnaire is available at the following link: http://bit.ly/2TPH4px
Participation in the survey is possible until 31 March 2020.

Secondary school students
The ENGIE project aims to encourage girls to study geosciences and engineering, and thus to improve the gender balance in these disciplines. The project team is currently carrying out an anonymous survey among secondary school students across Europe to learn more about their career plans, and their knowledge and interest in geosciences. The survey is available here
We kindly invite you to forward this information to upper-secondary schools across Europe.
The deadline for participation is 15 May 2020.
EFG Members
ICOG | Spain
II Course on Underground Gas Storage
13 April – 17 May 2020, online (in Spanish)
Note: This course is endorsed by EFG. Special rates apply for EurGeol title holders. 
| Read more
APG | Portugal
Geophysical methods and the detection of environmental contamination
18 May – 3 June 2020, online
Note: This course is endorsed by EFG. Special rates apply for EurGeol title holders. 
| Read more
GeoNews sponsors
European Institutions
EC: New Circular Economy Action Plan | Read more

EC: new Industrial Strategy | Read more

EC tables proposal for European Climate Law | Read more

EC Consultation: Future of the LIFE Programme
The European Commission has launched an online consultation to seek input on the future content and implementation of the LIFE programme (2021-2027). | Read more
Deadline for participation: 27 April 2020

EC Roadmap: 2030 Climate Target Plan
To put the EU firmly on a path towards climate neutrality by 2050, the Commission will propose an increased greenhouse gas emission reduction target for 2030 from at least 40% to at least 50% to 55% (compared to 1990), including through an amendment to the recently proposed Climate Law. The Communication will set out potential implications for the overall regulatory and enabling framework. It will describe the overall architecture of policy measures to be put in place to achieve that target. | Read more
Deadline for feedback: 15 April 2020
EGU General Assembly
3-8 May 2020, now online | Read more

GEO Business, Geospatial technology: shaping the future
24-25 September 2020, London, UK | Read more

36th International Geological Congress
New date: 9-14 November 2020, Delhi, India | Read more 
EAGE Annual Conference & Exhibition
New date: 8-11 December 2020, Amsterdam, the Netherlands | Read more

For more events, please check the EFG events calendar.
Panels of Experts
EIT RawMaterials Position Paper supporting the European Green Deal with a focus on raw materials and advanced materials to secure Europe’s industrial leadership and sustainable future | Read more
International Conference on Mining and Mineralogy
2-4 September 2020, Munich, Germany | Read more
For more events in the field of minerals, please check the EFG events calendar.
European Institutions
EC report: Assessment and roadmap for digital transformation of the energy sector towards an innovative internal energy market | Read more

EC call for proposals: 2020 call for energy efficiency
Around €64 million of EU funding is now available for energy efficiency innovation and market uptake projects. The deadline for applications is 10 September 2020. 
| Read more
Six EU countries join call for 100% renewable energy scenario | Read more
The Energy Transition Summit
1-2 October 2020, London, UK | Read more

1st EAGE Geoscience in Energy Transition Conference
16-18 November 2020, Strasbourg France | Read more
Deadline for abstract submissions: 28 June 2020
World Geothermal Congress 2020
New date: 21-26 May 2021, Reykjavik, Iceland | Read more

For more events in the field of renewable energy, please check the EFG events calendar.
Geoethics & Groundwater Management: theory and practice for a sustainable development
18-22 May 2020, now online | Read more
For more events in the field of hydrogeology, please check the EFG events calendar
1st International Conference on Sustainability in Geotechnical Engineering – Geodiversity & Resilience
27-30 June 2021, Lisbon, Portugal 
| Read more
Deadline for abstract submissions: 30 March 2020
Copernicus MOOC - Learn how to harness the power of space data to innovate and solve societal and business problems
Participants will learn how Copernicus data and services can be used to address societal challenges and generate business opportunities. In particular, they will learn how Copernicus – and space data in general – can be used to support evidence-based public policy, as well as to develop new products and services, open up new markets, improve quality of life, and make the most of limited resources in a sustainable way.
The Copernicus MOOC will be held twice in 2020:
  • MOOC 1: March – May 2020
  • MOOC 2: September – December 2020
Each MOOC will consist of 12 lessons of 2 hours each, over a period of 12 weeks.
The course is funded by the EU and registration is free and open to all. | Read more
Remtech Europe
23-25 September 2019, Ferrara, Italy | Read more
Deadline for abstract submissions: 31 May 2020 
For more events in the field of natural hazards, please check the EFG events calendar.
AGI/AIPG Geosciences Online Learning Initiative (GOLI)
According to the agreement between the American Institute of Professional Geologists (AIPG) and EFG, the Federation officially recognises, within its own CPD system, the points (CEUs) awarded via the AGI/AIPG Geoscience Online Learning Initiative GOLI. This is particularly interesting for all European Geologist title holders because they also benefit from reduced registration fees for all courses.

Currently available GOLI courses:
  • Important Writing Skills for Careers in the Environmental Industry
  • An Introduction to Professional Writing for Geoscience Careers
  • Polishing Your Writing Skills for State Government Agency Careers
  • Telling your Geoscience Story with Story Maps
  • Professional Geologist Licensure Requirements and the ASBOG National Geology License Examinations
  • Understanding Professional Geologist License Requirements: California 2019
  • Geoethics in the Field: Integrating Ethical Principles into Geoscience Fieldwork Practices
  • Fundamentals of Professional Ethics: Elements and Examples
  • The Development of Geoscience-related Ethics Codes
  • Professionalism and Geoethics: Creating a Workplace Environment Where Everyone Can Succeed
  • Best Practices in Mineral Resource Estimation and Reporting
  • Tracking the Global Supply of Critical Materials
  • Desalination as a Source of Fresh Water
  • Techniques for Developing High Resolution LNAPL Conceptual Site Models
  • Converting Membrane Interface Probe Sensor Results into VOC NAPL Distribution Information
  • Well Re-Development in New England
  • Water as One Resource
  • Planning for Coastal Storm and Erosion Hazards
  • Making Produced Water More Productive
  • Induced Seismicity in the Mid-Continent
  • Basics of Seismic Petroleum Exploration for New Hires
  • The Lower Cretaceous of Texas
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