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Thank you for your continued support and encouragement! 
As we reel from victories (and, yes, bravo to all those who found relief and even success) in the last quarter of another long year, consider the following:
  • We have grown engagement by delivering relevant programming across streams of industry as we unite research and insights professionals across Canada and beyond. 
  • We continue to partner with academic institutions and grow our accredited partners' list and offer meaningful opportunities to new career professionals.
  • We are excited about hosting our inaugural group of fully-remote exam takers and other CMRP pathway-breakers this year.
  • We have grown our bandwidth of partners, organizations, supporters, promoters and groups that represent the breadth and diversity of our work and industry. 
What skills and opportunities are you learning to succeed in research for the rest of this year? If you are enrolled in this year's exam or in one of three pathways to earning your CMRP, get excited. Reach out with questions and queries for help or support. Also read this article about the skills that could help you as we come out of a pandemic
Perhaps you have been in business for a while or for not so long, but are looking to get your company accredited as a Gold Seal Member with MRIA-ARIM. We will be glad to walk you through the process and help you achieve the recognition you deserve in the marketplace. 
Stay tuned for developments to our end of year programming. 
Current members, CMRPs and FMRIAs: please keep writing to us with your observations, experiences, priorities, ambitions and anything else you would like to see in helping us grow industry excellence. 
All the best,
Arundati Dandapani, MLITT, CMRP
Chief Editor, MRIA-ARIM 
2020 AAPOR Burns Bud Roper Fellow 
2020 QRCA Young Professionals Grant Awardee
Inaugural GRIT Future List Honouree 
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