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Even though the COVID – as it has for all businesses – did have an impact on OCEM Airfield Technology’s operations we have not lost one day of production and could continue to develop our different solutions and serve our customers without any interruption.
We have been able to count on all our team members to support you with your ongoing or upcoming plans. More and more airports are choosing OCEM because of the quality, reliability, and innovativeness of our products Made in Europe.
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Success story 
Cairo International Airport selects OCEM Airfield Technology for its move to LED Airfield Ground Lighting
Africa’s second busiest airport Cairo Airport International confided OCEM Airfield Technology with a turnkey project to make the move to LED for its central runway (05C23C) and the taxiways that connect to the runway. The runway is the busiest runway at the airport and operates in Cat III.
This key turnkey project was awarded to OCEM Airfield Ground Lighting because of its leading LED portfolio of lights and signs and includes the three-phase constant current regulator UR3000, a Constant Current Regulator of the newest generation.
OCEM also re-engineered the control system and supplied all solutions for the airport to perform the most cost-efficient and safety-critical maintenance possible as part of OCEM’s full services offering.
OCEM managed all phases from design to the installation with local provider TBFC to managing the full project, respecting all deadlines, and guaranteeing the highest quality delivery.
As part of the conversion to OCEM Airfield Technology, products like the LERE or OCEM’s Led Elevated Runway Edge and Threshold/End Light, LIRC or Led Inset Runway Centreline and Rapid Exit Taxiway Indicator Light (R.E.T.I.L.) and LIMS or OCEM’s Led Luminous Guidance Sign - one of the thinnest and strongest LED signs on the market - were selected. They will all be powered with the three-phase constant current regulators, the series UR3000, designed to provide power to airport lighting series circuits. These regulators assure a balanced load distribution, high power factor, elevated efficiency, and output sinusoidal current, independently by the load. OCEM also took care of the supply of all accessories including the cabling.
Cesare Rizzoli, OCEM’s MD: we were extremely proud to have won this key turnkey contract in Africa which was no doubt the biggest and most important contract in the region for years. With the help of key partners like Orascom and TBFC, we have delivered this project on time, on budget, and fully respecting the customer's wishes. Cairo International Airport will now be able to further expand its position in the region and we are glad to help achieve their ambitions.
Success Story: Rennes Airport selects OCEM for the refurbishment of its runway
Rennes Airport is located in the east of Brittany in northwestern France. Rennes is the capital of the region of Brittany and one of France’s biggest cities. OCEM’s Airfield Ground Lighting was selected when the airport decided to refurbish its CAT 1 system.
This includes all the LED Runway centreline lights, the LED Taxiway Edge lights and the power solutions or CCR’s including the DIAM 4200 (IGBT for the runway and centreline lights), the DIAM 4100 (to power the halogen approach lights which remains ) and the DIAM 3100 (Thyristor in a stackable version for the PAPI and Taxiway edge lights).
All power solutions installed at the Airport are now from OCEM. The project was realized with the great help of the Rennes Airport team and contractor Bouygues ES Genas. The Project is part of an ever-growing number of French airports selecting OCEM when refurbishing their run- and or taxiways or upgrading them to LED.
The project will support the airport in its continuous growth but also help it achieve its safety and sustainability targets using OCEM’s low energy solutions.
Product in Focus 
OCEM’s Sequenced Flashing Lights: the reference in LED Approach Lighting
An approach Lighting System with Sequenced Flashing Lights is an integral part of any visual guidance system at airports but not all flashing light systems are the same.
Many systems are difficult to install and even harder to maintain. This is where OCEM’s flashing light system stands out, through a unique set of features, its design, the different possibilities of flashing supported such as sequenced flashing, contemporary flashing, and clustered flashing. Not to forget the ease of integrating the system with other systems via OCEM’s ALCMS (Airfield Ground Lighting Control & Monitoring system), further simplified by the availability of multiple communication interfaces.
On top of that, the system is designed to be very fast both at start-up and in the unlikely event of a potential power shortage.
One of its key benefits is the touch screen interface which allows the system to be controlled very easily. Configuration options include the installation of a new unit and the replacement of an existing unit. Besides this, the visual representation of the flashing system topology is very straightforward and so is the mounting in the cabinet in which the FMCU unit is placed. The design of the flashing system has carefully addressed all maintenance procedures, by making available many electrical and environmental parameters measured in real-time in the lights directly to the master unit. The different values measured are available in the master unit and can be easily exploited to enable predictive maintenance operations. Ease of installation and simple electrical infrastructure is guaranteed by the advanced powerline communication system implemented to control and monitor every single module in the system.
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Air Tech Italy 
OCEM Airfield Technology: founding member of Air Tech Italy.
Many countries have their own aviation association which focuses on grouping all organizations and companies that focus on aviation. Since shortly OCEM Airfield Technology is a founding member of such an association covering the Italian market. This new association groups more than 40 Italian companies and focuses on creating a true ecosystem between all players that focus on aviation. The partner companies are active in the supply and production of products, the development of leading technologies and the commercialization of services for the aviation industry both locally and globally. Members including the Italian Civil Aviation Authority ENAV, Leonardo the aerospace and defense specialist, Piaggio Aerospace and so many more.
Air Tech believes that air traffic will pick up again and that we will see the strong growth rates as predicted previously which means that closer collaboration between stakeholders is key to be successful.
The airport industry market is characterized by a growing demand for highly integrated solutions and full turnkey projects - stated Gino Cocchi, President of OCEM Airfield Lighting Technology, also the main promoter of the new association. The new collaboration will allow member companies to better work together and enable the creation of a solid ecosystem. Air Tech Italy will also seek active collaboration with other similar organizations throughout Europe and around the globe.
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