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…This month we invite you to submit photos to our annual contest organised in collaboration with EAGE, Legends of Geosciences. Participate now! We also introduce the new coordinator of the EFG Panel of Experts on CCS, Nikolaos Koukouzas. Last but not least, we introduce three new EU funded projects in which EFG is involved since early January: REFLECT, ENGIE and ProSkill. Enjoy the reading!
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EFG News
New coordinator for the EFG Panel of Experts on CCS
Since last November, the EFG Panel of Experts on CO2 Geological Storage (CCS) has a new coordinator: Nikolaos Koukouzas (Greece) has replaced Kris Piessens (Belgium), bringing in his broad experience in research and management in several scientific fields.
Nikolaos holds a PhD and an MSc, both awarded by the University of Leicester, England. He has studied geology at the University of Athens and is today Director of Research of the CERTH/CPERI in Athens. His broad experience makes him the appropriate person for leading the Panel. His career extends to more than 25 years of experience on industrial mineral applications, raw materials, mining, power production and co-combustion of coal-related topics. With Dr Koukouzas’ appointment as the new coordinator of the Panel of Experts on CCS, EFG aims to increase its presence and activity related to the European Union’s priorities in terms of power generation and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. 
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EuroWorkshop, PERC seminar and EFG Council meeting
20-24 May 2020, Bor, Serbia
20 May: EFG endorsed PERC Seminar
The PERC Seminar is designed for geologists and mining engineers who are working or are planning to work as Competent Persons. Its aim is to provide an overview and examples of the application of all aspects of the PERC Standard.
21-22 May: EuroWorkshop on “Porphyry Deposits in Serbia”
The EuroWorkshop 2020 aims to understand;
  • How the porphyry deposits were formed
  • Metallogeny and current understanding of the porphyry deposits
  • Mining and production challenges in porphyry deposits in Serbia.
23-24 May: EFG Council meeting

More information and registration: https://eurogeologists.eu/euroworkshop-porphyry-deposits-in-serbia/
New EU projects 
Since January, EFG is involved in three new EU funded projects:

REFLECT (Horizon 2020): From react to REFLECT: studying the behaviour of geothermal fluids to increase the efficiency of geothermal operations
The efficiency of geothermal utilisation depends on the behaviour of fluids that transfer heat between the geosphere and the engineered components of a power plant. REFLECT aims to avoid problems related to fluid chemistry rather than treat them. These physical and chemical properties are often poorly defined, as in situ sampling and measurements at extreme conditions are difficult to date. Therefore, large uncertainties in current model predictions prevail, which will be tackled in REFLECT by collecting new, high-quality data in critical areas. This data will be implemented in a European geothermal fluid atlas and predictive models allowing to provide recommendations on how to best operate geothermal systems for sustainable use. | Read more

PROSKILL (EIT RawMaterials): Be an engineer of the present, with the most prized skills of the future!
ProSkill Partners are aware that the employees of the future will have to adapt to new challenges and possess multidisciplinary skills. They have to have in-depth knowledge in one area, but also be able to speak the language of business and social sides. In ProSkill, a skill ecosystem strategy is developed to reduce the negative effects of skill problems. To implement it a pilot project is launched with the direct and active participation of colleges for advanced studies. | Read more

ENGIE (EIT RawMaterials): Encouraging girls to study geosciences and engineering
The ENGIE project aims to turn the interest of girls to study geosciences and geo-engineering, and thus to improve the gender balance in the fields of these disciplines. The project will develop an awareness-raising strategy and create a stakeholder collaboration network for the implementation of a set of actions in more than 20 EU countries. The project envisions attracting more young women to the raw materials related scientific and engineering sectors. | Read more
Legends of Geoscience: submit now your photos to the EAGE/EFG photo contest 2020
The 2020 edition of the EAGE/EFG photo contest is now open for entries! All members of EAGE and EFG’s National Associations are invited to submit their photos under the theme “Legends of Geoscience”.
You can submit your photos in three subcategories:
  • Geosciences for Society
  • Women Geoscientists
  • Landscape and Environment
The deadline for submissions is 15 March 2020.
Great prizes will be awarded for the top 3 photographs that will be announced in October 2020. | Read more
EFG Projects
INFACT and Smart Exploration projects join forces to test non-invasive mineral exploration technologies in Spain
SkyTEM, a partner of the Smart Exploration project, is currently flying over the INFACT reference sites of Rio Tinto and Cobre Las Cruces in Andalusia, Spain. This is a great example of possible synergies between EU funded research projects: SkyTEM is assessing the performance of a recently developed new state-of-the-art technology for mineral exploration on a well-characterised mineral deposit. The system is totally harmless for the environment and thus provides a good basis for sustainable and socially acceptable exploration activities. INFACT’s three European Reference Sites in Spain, Germany and Finland have the vocation to provide a unique tool for safe, efficient and more sustainable mineral exploration. The sites aim at providing a customised testing ground for explorers and technology developers of different innovative exploration techniques considering technical, social and environmental aspects.
Press release:
INFACT movie: https://youtu.be/Mp3K7kxrpQU
EFG Members
BLUG/UBLG | Belgium
2020 National Geological Job Fair
6 March 2020, Mons, Belgium
 | Read more
Geological Society of Estonia | Estonia
PERC Reporting Standard: Context, requirements and application
13-14 March 2020, Tallinn, Estonia
This course co-organised by the Geological Society of Estonia provides an introduction to the principles underlying the reporting codes and standards with particular reference to the PERC Reporting Standard 2017. The main focus of the course is on the role and responsibilities of the Competent Person when preparing assessments and reports in compliance with the PERC Reporting Standard 2017. 
| Read more
Geologiliitto | Finland
Best practice geochemical (and structural) workflows for geologists, using ioGASTM
30-31 March 2020, Helsinki, Finland
Geologiliitto organizes a 2-day short course on the theme: Best practice geochemical (and structural) workflows for geologists, using ioGAS. Trainers are Nick Oliver, Nick Cook and James Cleverley. The course is held in GTK HQ in Vuorimiehentie 5, Otaniemi, Espoo. 
| Read more
SGF | France
27e Réunions des Sciences de la Terre
26-30 October 2020, Lyon, France | Read more
GeoNews sponsors
European Institutions
EC: Public consultation to establish the priority list of network codes (electricity and gas) 
Deadline for participation: 14 April 2020 | Read more

ScienceBusiness: Commission adds AI research ‘lighthouse’ to innovation priorities amid budget wrangle | Read more
Workshop: ‘Uncertainty Quantification and Visualization in Geological modelling’7 June 2020, Amsterdam, the Netherlands | Read more
As a kick-off of the coming EAGE Annual Meeting in Amsterdam, we draw to your attention this workshop organised by the Dutch European Geologists Denise Maljers, Johan ten Veen, Jan Stafleu and Freek Busschers (TNO – Geological Survey of the Netherlands).
IGSC 2020: “Applied Geosciences in a Modern Society – Acting Responsible for a Sustainable Future”
5-10 July 2020, Aachen, Germany | Read more
Deadline for abstract submissions: 15 March 2020
For more events, please check the EFG events calendar.
Panels of Experts
EIT RawMaterials Position Paper supporting the European Green Deal with a focus on raw materials and advanced materials to secure Europe’s industrial leadership and sustainable future | Read more

EurActiv: Finland set to become EU’s sole uranium producer | Read more

EurActiv: MEPs push for raw materials focus in EU’s new industrial strategy | Read more
The Green transition challenged by the metal supply chain
12 March 2020, Brussels, Belgium | Read more 
World Resources Forum 2020
23-25 June 2020, Accra, Ghana | Read more
Deadline for abstract submissions: 15 March 2020
For more events in the field of minerals, please check the EFG events calendar.
GEOENVI project publishes a database on environmental effects of geothermal operations | Read more

Schedule for the IGA Academy Courses 2020 now online | Read more
1st EAGE Geoscience in Energy Transition Conference
16-18 November, Strasbourg France | Read more
Deadline for abstract submissions: 28 June 2020

For more events in the field of renewable energy, please check the EFG events calendar.
Geoethics & Groundwater Management: theory and practice for a sustainable development
18-22 May 2020, Porto, Portugal | Read more
For more events in the field of hydrogeology, please check the EFG events calendar
Copernicus MOOC - Learn how to harness the power of space data to innovate and solve societal and business problems
Participants will learn how Copernicus data and services can be used to address societal challenges and generate business opportunities. In particular, they will learn how Copernicus – and space data in general – can be used to support evidence-based public policy, as well as to develop new products and services, open up new markets, improve quality of life, and make the most of limited resources in a sustainable way.
The Copernicus MOOC will be held twice in 2020:
  • MOOC 1: February – April 2020
  • MOOC 2: September – December 2020
Each MOOC will consist of 12 lessons of 2 hours each, over a period of 12 weeks.
The course is funded by the EU and registration is free and open to all. | Read more
FRIAR 2020: 7th International Conference on Flood and Urban Water Management
11 - 13 May 2020, Valencia, Spain | Read more

Remtech Europe
23-25 September 2019, Ferrara, Italy | Read more

For more events in the field of natural hazards, please check the EFG events calendar.
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