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July 8, 2020 | Issue 9
With the world the way it is right now, it's easy to get caught up and flooded with negative emotions. Our resources this month deal with checking in with your body and learning how to deal with negative thoughts. If you like our newsletter or have a suggestion, let us know with a reply. As always, 18percent is here to act as a support resource for you, sign up or log in here.
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Helpful Mental Health Resources
Often our first reaction to feeling bad is to figure out how to get rid of that feeling, but there are benefits to riding it out.
Spoiler: The answer is yes. Therapist Kati Morton offers tips to make the most of online therapy and how to get started.
Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired - four things that can make you feel bad. Learn to do this check when something feels off to figure out what your body needs.
Trans Lifeline is an organization for trans people that offers a support hotline and gives out microgrants for those in need.
"The Feels" poster
Exclusive for 18percent’s Community
The Feels, an extra short film (only 4 mins along) exploring Maker/Designer Jessica Murray's experiences with mental health. Selected by the Nevada Women's Film Festival and screened at Soho House in LA, The Feels channels Jessica's creative process to peel back the many layers of anxiety and depression she lives with on a daily basis.
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Watch "The Feels"
Charleena Lyles' tragic story exemplifies the danger people of color with mental illness may face when in need of help. Recognizing privilege and fighting against racism needs to be part of mental health advocacy. 
Positive thinking and gratitude are nothing new, but this article provides some tips on how to actually get value from them in ways you may not have tried.
This tool from the Center for Clinical Interventions walks you through the process of challenging negative thoughts about yourself. 
This article explains different provoking personality types and how to deal with them.
1 in 5 people are suffering from a mental health issue, and most don't know it. Screening to find your risk is important. Here is an easy, free and anonymous way to screen yourself.


Take one and pass it on
From Our Community
18percent's community members have so much insight and kindness to share...here are some highlights.
Getting Things Done With Highlighted Lists
"My adhd often overwhelms me. I joke that everyone’s got one to two tabs open in their brains and I’ve got like a million. I found that making a list helped me a ton. I always write what I had to do at the start of the day to everything I need to do before bed. At the end of the day I highlight everything. Green for done. Yellow for in progress and Red for haven't started. Visually seeing the fact I’ve made progress helps me so much. Lists help but highlighting is what made the difference for me. You can also motivate yourself with candy or something you enjoy. ewarding yourself is a great way to get something done short term
And lastly, some mental health humor...
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