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Where are you on the business recovery curve? On Tuesday, October 20th, we are co-hosting the screening of a recent documentary "Blindsided" on COVID-19's global impact in partnership with Ipsos Global. During this session, you will also hear the concerns and progress of Canadian member firms and organizations as we all navigate new normals.
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New Realities 2020: Free Webinars  
Automotive Diaries: Coming out Stronger Post COVID-19
Today: Thursday, Sep 24, 1PM-2PM EST
What: What has been the impoact of COVID-19 on the automotive sector? What are the post-pandemic implications for researchers, clients, consumers, vehicle owners, drivers and dealers?
Featuring: Automotive Industries Association of Canada (AIA), Relevant Insights, Phoenix Marketing International and Automotive Canada 
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COVID-19 Global Impact Documentary Screening
Ipsos Global and MRIA-ARIM are co-hosting a COVID-19 Global Impact documentary screening that will contextualize the pandemic's impact with some local challenges and opportunities facing our Canadian members on October 20th between Noon and 1PM EST. Watch a sneak preview of the documentary here. Details will follow.
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