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What is Safetics® the Sailor's Checklist?
Safetics® is the 1st aviation-style checklist for recreational boating. Recommended by Coast Guards and Sea Safety Experts, it compiles all major navigation rules and emergency procedures validated by sea safety experts.
Its universal and practical 60 pages pocket-sized content has been designed for skippers and their crew, and is suitable for both sailboats and powerboats. Its waterproof & tear-proof 150g format allows unrivaled durability and practicality. It has already been published in English, French and Italian.
Where is it distributed and by whom?
The Safetics® story has gradually built a network of loyal support amongst Sea Safety Experts and Sailing Institutions, selling over 30,000 copies through 450 shipchandlers and bookstores as well as Yacht Clubs and major insurance companies in the UK, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Spain, Italy, Mauritius, Singapore, North America and the Caribbean.

Wholesale distributors include Imray & OneOcean (formerly ChartCo).
Special prices and personalized covers are available on-demand for Yacht Clubs and companies.
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Vendée Globe winner and Safetics® ambassador:
The Safetics® project caught the attention of 41 year old world renowned French solo sailor Armel le Cléac’h, Banque Populaire Skipper, who has been acting as a Safetics® goodwill ambassador since 2013.
Vendée Globe 2020 challenger and Safetics® translator:
British skipper Pip Hare has over 20 years of ocean racing experience. She has also worked as a consulting editor at Yachting World Magazine and as an RNLI safety advisor.
Author, Guillaume de Corbiac
Guillaume is a French entrepreneur, avid sailor and world traveler. Passing his aviation Private Pilot Licence made him aware of the power of checklists. In 2011 he quit his job to write ‘The Sailor’s Checklist’, first published in 2013.
Reviews in Sailing Today and Practical Boat Owner:
Among our international clients and partners:
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