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BA Digest: November/December Edition
Your round-up of BA links from around the web
Welcome to the November/December edition of BA Digest, your regular round-up of BA related links and content from around the web.  What a busy few months it has been! A warm welcome to our new newsletter subscribers, it's great to have you on board.
It's been 'BA Conference Season', and we streamed some live (free) content from the BA Conference Europe, BA Summit Southern Africa and Building Business Capability conferences.  If you weren't able to attend, check out the playlists on YouTube and you'll see interviews with speakers, panel sessions and more.  Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel too so that you stay up to date.
As usual, we have a number of upcoming (free) webinars, and November's episode of #BAFringe will focus on product management, product ownership and business analysis, so don't miss out on that! We also have upcoming webinars on modern day 'devils advocacy'  in  a business context and preparing for BA job interviews.
I hope that you find this edition of BA Digest interesting.
Coffee Break Reading
Ten thought provoking articles from a range of authors around the web, each of which can be read in ten minutes or less
1. Modelling Value by Kevin Brennan (citing Julian Sammy): In this article, Kevin Brennan describes how Julian Sammy has built upon the Business Analysis Core Competency Model (BACCM). Well worth reading, with a clear, practical diagram included.
2. The 'Brown Cow' Model Revisited:  Are you familiar with the brown cow model, and how it can be used for both strategic and tactical problem solving? If not, this article will be of interest.
3. Skills aren’t soft or hard — they’re durable or perishable by Matthew J. Daniel on the Chief Learning Officer website: Have you ever considered the 'half-life' of your skills? This article suggests separating skills into categories of perishable, semi-durable and durable.
4. How to Spot a Zombie Company by Sydney Finkelstein in Forbes magazine: Have you ever found yourself in a situation where a team or project insulate themselves from bad news? This article may be of interest.
5. The Business of Business Analysis:  Ever struggled to achieve recognition of the BA role? This article argues that we should think more like a business, and turn our analysis skills inward.
6. Product Roadmap by Kent McDonald: In this informative article, Kent outlines what a product roadmap is, what it might look like and signposts other useful resources.
7. Targets & Measurement Part 1 by Adam Walls: A short article that will resonate with many of us, I'm sure.  Adam describes the unexpected consequences that targets can have...
8. Remote Work Is Here To Stay, How Should My Goals Change? by Angela Wick on the BA-Squared blog: Now the world has changed, should your career goals change? Angela explores this tricky question.
9. Nobody Likes To Feel Like An 'Edge Case': The 80/20 rule can be useful, but do we risk inadvertently excluding groups of stakeholders? 
10. What ever happened to #NoProjects? – post-projects by Allan Kelly on the AKA blog.  Allan asks what happened to the #NoProjects movement, suggests what a 'post-project' world looks like, and some of the generational inhibitors that may be holding us back.
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Special Conference Edition of #BADigest
In case you missed it, we released a special Conference PDF Magazine edition of #BADigest, which contains a whole range of interesting articles and content. 
It has 72 pages and articles from a range of authors.
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BA Conferences
A whole number of BA events and conferences have been re-scheduled or have transitioned to run as virtual or hybrid events. It's really important that as a community we continue to support these events as many conference organisers will have been impacted by the 'lockdown'. As soon as the lockdown is lifted and it's safe to do so, let's support the conferences that have supported our community for so long! Here are just some of the conferences that you should have firmly on your radar:
Additionally, be sure to connect with your local IIBA chapter, as there are regular chapter events around the world too. For those of you in the UK, be sure to check out the IIBA UK chapter.
Thanks once again, I hope to see you somewhere (virtually) soon....

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