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I was reminded again today about the power of film to transport us through time, to put us on the ceiling looking down at our silly selves, to remove us and bring us back just a little happier and maybe wiser. The catalyst for this morning’s feeling was a beautifully written article (great writing does it for me too) about a snowball fight filmed in 1896 in Lyon France. But more about that in a minute.
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Back to the snowball fight. The Lumière brothers made the 1896 movie in the earliest days of film. It captures a rollicking snowball fight by dressed up adults in Lyon, France. It’s only one-minute and has gone viral on Youtube.
I watched both the original jerky black and white version and the remastered colorized and smoothed out version. I think I like the black-and-white better, but you can judge for yourself. Maybe it’s because I’m a fan of old silent films, but I think the original gives you a better sense of that time, less modern. Yet, the joy and competitiveness are still evident in both. We know all the participants are gone now, but for one minute on a snowy street, they became immortal and universal. Life was not so easy then just like now. For 60 seconds, they escaped all their worries and troubles and relished the moment and each other.
I recommend to you the gracefully written essay by
about the snowball fight.
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The first powdery layer of snow appeared on our roof in New Jersey this morning. Winter is coming.
Have yourself a snowball fight!
I wish you and your family a joyous holiday season. . . . .Charlie Levin
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