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Jayna Jagani from our team writes about the importance of play towards a child's development in the latest instalment of our blog. Read more about it here.
Education in the times of a pandemic.
The latest in RTE news. Uttar Pradesh has closed out the 3rd and last round of lottery for RTE admissions in the state.

Gujarat has announced that it will begin the online admission process from the 19th of August while Tamil Nadu will begin the admission process from the 27th of the same month.

Both states have still not taken a call on when to reopen schools and we'll keep you updated on the application process as and when it commences in both states.
Policy and its impact.
States take big steps towards inclusive welfare. 24 states have been integrated into the 'One Nation, One Ration card' scheme. The scheme is slated to benefit 65 cr. people in 24 states. The remaining states/UTs are targeted to be integrated into national portability by March 2021. 
Haryana had decided to link the identification and delivery of all welfare schemes through a ‘Parivar Pehchan Patra’ in the next 3 months. The Delhi government will provide loans up to Rs. 20,000 to street vendors in the city. This will help close to 5 lakh street vendors that are present in the city, out of which, only 1.3 lakh are said to be registered. 
While laudable, these initiatives might not be enough as the rural employment guarantee scheme has already used more than half of its allocated funds just 4 months into the financial year. Similarly, grave outcomes look likely for a generation of kids who are being forced towards menial labour in the face of inadequate schooling options.
The National Education Policy debate continues.
Interpreting the National Education Policy. The new National Education Policy has been deemed as smart in some quarters even as question marks exist over its execution
The onus on higher education has left some specialists sceptical since the plan towards universal education hasn't been laid out well.
As put forward by experts, the primary language of instruction in the early years has been mandated in the mother tongue but parents aren't too sure what that means for their children.
The final complete draft is yet to come out and should hopefully help put to rest some of the existing ambiguities. 
Ecosystem BrightSpot
Haryana Government's initiative of Parivar Pehchan Patra (PPP) led by V Umashankar, Principal Secretary to the CM, will not only enable the automatic transfer of the social security scheme benefits to the eligible beneficiaries but will eventually also enable beneficiaries a “social security scheme portability”, a first of its kind initiative taken by any state government.
And Finally.
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