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IA Talks: Dr. Suraj Yengde spent some time with us yesterday. He spoke about leveraging the current global movement of solidarity against oppression. You can view the complete talk here.
Education in the times of a pandemic.
Karnataka ups the ante. The Karnataka HC has stayed the government ban on online classes; saying it violates the fundamental Right to Education for low-income parents. That hasn't helped curtail the confusion amongst parents and private schools.
Worrying trends under the RTE. Rajasthan has abruptly decided to exclude pre-primary students from the RTE process this year. This has been challenged in the courts. A similar petition has been filed in Gujarat
Government Interventions. With the COVID-19 spread still gaining numbers, the HRD Ministry is learnt to be making a first attempt towards accessing exactly how many students have access to devices and the internet.
Kerala has chosen to do things differently and has helped 2.42 lakh students access online classes already. They have also decided to deliver free food-kits for children registered under the mid-day meal scheme. The intervention is a sharp contrast to some states where children are being forced to sell scrap to be able to feed themselves.
Private schools continue to struggle. Unlike the more expensive private schools, low-cost schools operate with little financial cushioning, with almost all of them depending on the tuition fee they charge to run their operations. Some teachers are now being paid by the hour
This comprehensive piece helps explain the struggles faced by private schools. 
Policy & its impact.
Demand is picking up. The grain offtake of states for April-June has doubled even as the deadline for distribution of free food grains has been extended till August 31.
Amid the surge in demand, 1.4 lakh families have reached the annual MGNREGA work limit. Activists are demanding a doubling of the 100 days per household limit. The ministry might seek more funds to meet the rising demand.
Some states are now attempting setting up urban job guarantee schemes.
And Finally.
High school students wearing face masks prepare for classes, with plastic covers placed on their desks, in Daejeon, South Korea.
As schools begin to re-open around the world, take a quick tour to see how schools and kids are adapting to the new normal. 
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