PROMARES aims at tackling the challenges hampering the full-fledged development of the potential for maritime and multimodal freight transport in the Programme Area. Its main objective is therefore to enhance cross-border maritime and multimodal freight transport by involving transport stakeholder and policy makers facing the same cross-border challenges, from both a strategic and operational perspective, through the increased cooperation among them.
The project involves 12 partners led by the Port Network Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea.
PROMARES labelled as EUSAIR relevant!
The PROMARES project was labelled as EUSAIR relevant by the Transport Steering Group n. 2 of the Adriatic-Ionian Macro Regional Strategy. This decision underlines the strategic added value of the project, not only at cross-border level between Italy and Croatia, but also at a wider scale.
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PROMARES 4° project meeting
The fourth project meeting was held online, for the Covid19 emergency made it impossible for partners to meet in person. This virtual meeting was the occasion to discuss and to present the implementation of the pilot actions, their progresses and criticalities.
Cross-border seminar available online
The cross-boarder training seminar was held in Rijeka in July 2019 and it is a best practice analysis on ICT tools and policies for enhancing maritime and multimodal transport covering EU and international experiences.
The results of the cross-boarder training seminar are now available in the Library section of the project website
Cross-border Action Plan available online
Based on the results of the TNAs, the best practice analysis and the training session, a cross-border action plan was drafted for enhancing maritime and multimodal freight transport, containing guidelines, priority measures and KPIs, to be tested in pilot actions and laying the basis for the cross-border strategy.
The cross-border action plan is available in the Library section of the project website
FOCUS: the pilot action of the Port of Trieste
The pilot action of the Port of Trieste aims at improving its IT platform by adding a specific functionality to allow handling logistics and customs procedures in their transit from external Free Zone areas and the port terminals...
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Juy 1, 2020
PROMARES 4th project meeting was held virtually due to Covid-19 emergency
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Due to the current Covid-19 emergency, there are no events scheduled yet, but please check our website for any news