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teacherswithoutborders.org | Issue 8 | September 2020
Over 11 Million Girls May Not Go Back to School after the COVID-19 Crisis
According to UNESCO, COVID-19 may prevent 11 million girls around the world from returning to school. For many girls, this disruption would likely impact more than their education and result in adolescent pregnancy, early and forced marriage, and violence. The #LearningNeverStops campaign was designed to "safeguard progress made on girls’ education, ensure girls’ learning continuity during school closures, and promote girls’ safe return to school once these reopen."
In Solidarity With Girls: Policy Brief Series on Gender and Education in Crisis
The United Nations Girls' Education Initiative (UNGEI) released a new policy brief series titled In Solidarity With Girls: Gender and Education in Crisis. The resource was produced by young women activists based on intergenerational dialogues conducted throughout 2020. According to UNGEI, the publication "represents a coordinated partnership approach to the meaningful inclusion of youth-led networks in the COVID-19 education response."
Coping with COVID-19: Girls Document their Lives under Lockdown
These videos were recorded on mobiles phones by 16 girls from nine countries. The girls document their experiences with inequality, education, and relationships, and offer insights into their own fears, hardships, and hopes.
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