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Now more than ever the UK needs our Science Centres to be thriving parts of our communities, to unlock science for everyone, to drive equity in learning and opportunity, to make us greener and to inspire curiosity about the world and a lifelong adventure in science.

Each week since early March, ASDC has chaired a weekly coronavirus resilience meeting to support UK Science Centres.This week was our 20th, and they have been attended by between 35 and 50 CEOs and senior leaders across the UK. These are the forum for our sector to work together to explore new opportunities, understand the implications of the latest announcements, hear from colleagues overseas and pull together data sets from all your STEM charities so we can lobby on your behalf to ensure children and adults across our nation have access to great inspirational science.

Following the major announcement of £1.57 billion from Government to support culture and the arts, we're asking UK Science Centres, as major cultural institutions like museums and the arts, to write to their MPs to ensure they are eligible to apply.

Dr Penny Fidler
£1.57 Billion Support Package For Arts And Culture Sector
Britain’s globally renowned arts, culture and heritage industries will receive a world-leading £1.57 billion rescue package to help weather the impact of coronavirus.
The question is, will Science Centres be able to apply? 
The criteria for this rescue package is still being drawn up, and we ask all UK Science Centres and their boards to write to the DCMS ministers and their own MPs to highlight the urgent need for emergency funding for UK Science Centres, asking DCMS to ensure that Science Centres can apply and will have equal footing to museums and arts centres in the selection process.
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First Attractions Open Their Doors
With the news that indoor attractions can open from 1st August, Science Centres around the country are looking to open their doors to the public, at limited capacity in order to follow the guidelines on social distancing and keeping visitors safe.
As attractions around the country open their doors, we've been gathering examples of how they're managing visitor expectations with fun, creative videos for people to share online, such as this one from the Royal Air Force MuseumThese videos are a great way to welcome your visitors back and gain their confidence, as well as creating a buzz around your Science Centre on social media.
The Eden Project have also been asking visitors what it's like to visit after lockdown, another way to reassure people that it's safe and still a great day out.
Re-opening Guidelines And Advice
We're collating re-opening guidelines on our website, where you will find information on:
  • Advice from attractions that have already opened
  • Re-opening: what visitors think, including the ALVA reports
  • "We're Good to Go" approval by Visit Britain
  • A guidance document for re-opening from IAAPE
  • Information regarding the different governement taskforces
  • Information and ideas from overseas science centres
Please click the button below to visit these pages.
Could Science Centres Open Up To Provide Schools With Extra Space And Learning Opportunities?
'My Primary School is at the Museum’ is a project which places primary school classes into cultural or natural settings such as museums, galleries and botanic gardens for extended, fully cross-curricular residencies.
In 2016, the team from King's College London tested the hypothesis that there may be beneficial learning, social and cultural outcomes for primary school children and their families when a significant portion of their learning takes place in a museum setting, as well as demonstrating the benefits for museums. 
Now organisers are suggesting that it is a model whose time has come – with the potential for museums to offer schools vital additional space to reopen while observing social distancing – and providing income to museums in the form of ‘rent’ from the Government for the space, allowing them to survive and be useful.
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UK Government Announce VAT Reduction On Attractions, Hospitality And Accommodation
The Chancellor has announced that the Government will temporarily apply a reduced rate of VAT (5%) to tourist attractions and goods and services supplied by the hospitality sector. The temporary reduced rate will apply for six months. It applies across the UK and will come into effect on 15th July 2020, ending on 12th January 2021.
MARS Arrives!
ASDC is delighted to announce that the new artwork MARS has been been completed by the renowned artist Luke Jerram, through a partnership between ASDC, The UK Space Agency and the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC).
Mars is a fascinating planet full of exploration and possibility. This artwork aims to bring the beauty and science of Mars to an audience who may never have had an interest in science or space. We hope it will capture people's imagination, and inspire families to be curious about 'the red planet' during this exciting era for UK Mars exploration and discovery.
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Coronavirus Resilience Weekly Calls
This weekly national forum is chaired by ASDC for UK Science Centres and others across the sector to find out the latest information, and share knowledge and ideas with other CEOs and senior managers to increse resilience in response to Coronavirus, in particular financial, operational matters, planning for the future and re-opening strategies.
ASDC will hold its 21st Coronavirus National Resilience Meeting next wednesday and then will take a break for August, returning in September. Do book online to find out the latest for lobbying on our finale call. To register please visit our website
Booking is essential.
Science Centre’s Supporting GDP Growth To 2.4%
We were all excited to see the increased investment in Science R&D in the March Budget, and welcomed the ambitious plans of putting research and innovation at the heart of the Government’s Industrial Strategy.
As charities with a mission to inspire young people and communities with STEM, we were delighted to see the commitment to increase the total R&D expenditure to 2.4% of GDP by 2027.
To achieve this, and subsequently sustain these levels, we need to grow the STEM workforce. Science Centres exist to inspire people with the wonders of science and the world around them, to open up access to science to many who didn’t know they would have an interest, and Science Centres have programmes to inspire careers in all areas of science.
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Government Announces £40 Million Green Jobs Challenge Fund
Plans to create thousands of new jobs to kick-start the nation’s green recovery from the coronavirus pandemic were unveiled by the government on the 30th June.
The £40 million Green Recovery Challenge Fund will help conservation organisations and their suppliers create up to 3,000 jobs and safeguard up to 2,000 others in areas such as protecting species, finding nature-based solutions to tackling climate change, conservation rangers and connecting people with the outdoors.
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Royal Institution Christmas Lectures - Invitation To Apply
ASDC is delighted to announce that the Royal Institution is inviting science and discovery centres, museums and universities across the UK to participate in live screening the lectures as they are filmed at the Royal Institution.
The lectures this year will be filmed on Tuesday 15th, Thursday 17th, and Saturday 19th December. Deadline for applications is 31st July.
Apply here
The Francis Crick Institute Invites ASDC Members To Share Online Science Show, Hosted By Gastronaut Stefan Gates
What’s the difference between bogies and snot? And what’s the science behind farts? Discover this and so much more in this fast paced, fun and explosive science-show to share with your followers. Cracking-Crick is brought to you from our friends at the Francis Crick Institute, London, and is hosted by the ever popular Gastronaut - Stefan Gates and his daughter Poppy.
Aged 9+
Showing now until 31st July
ASDC members are welcome to embed the link on their websites, so visitors can watch it on their sites too.
Watch the show
Bristol's Black Lives Matter Signs Go On Display In Harbourside Museum
On June 7th the statue of the slave trader Edward Colston, was pulled down by protestors and dumped in Bristol docks. Colston made his money from the slave trade and held a senior position in The Royal African Company (RAC) that had a monopoly on the west African slave trade, and this action followed decades of calling for the statue to be removed. 

The statue of Colston, with the red paint that is now part of its history, will be displayed  in the harbourside museum M-Shed, alongside banners from the donated by those who were there. The display will record the new history of this statue made as part of the Black Lives Matter movement.
UK Job Opportunities
Education and Learning Officer
Wellcome Sanger Institute
Salary: £26,794 to £32,108
Deadline: 17th August 2020 
Public Engagement Officer
The Francis Crick Institute
Salary: £27,100 - £32,000
Deadline: 19th July
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