Building Value on Interdependence
Editor's Note
In the race to self-isolate from the global outbreak of COVID-19 and the uncertantiy about tomorrow, we renewed our solidarity with reflective moments, understanding and reassessing brand health, and taking steps to becoming a more resourceful organization.
As workplaces turned remote and businesses are closing their doors, new opporotunities open for us to rethink the value chain of interdependence in the tech and insights space, as we slide back to the essentials, and get rid of the useless things that drove away. Remember that crowded questionnaire, jaywalking robot crashing into attendees at the last conference, or mind-numbing member managemnet system that made you rethink membership? We took care to redesign with you in mind. 
To chat about the MRIA's plans and programs in education and events for the coming season, join us for the inaugural webinar in late April, to hear about the association's goals, priorities, and opportunities for you and your organization. 
This month's featured blog urges businesses and research professionals to reframe their data narrative by focussing on the insights canvas. 
From the comfort of your desk, you can now participate in a range of promising research virtual conferences in the months ahead, whether it's AAPOR's Diamond Jubilee Conference, NewMR's ongoing lineup of great presentations,  Zappi and Voxpopme's new Insights Summit or others. 
We made it to the end of Q1 with grit and hope alive!
Stay healthy,
Arundati Dandapani
Chief Editor, MRIA-ARIM 
2020 AAPOR Burns Bud Roper Fellow and Conference Speaker
2020 QRCA Young Professionals Grant Awardee
Inaugural GRIT Future List Honouree 
Featured Blog: Three Reasons Why You Shouldn't Have a Data Strategy
David Phillips writes about how to drive value to your business by focussing on the bigger questions and problems. 
In this age of big data it's easy to believe that we inevitably understand more and more of the world around us. In fact, the opposite can be true. We can become blinded by the data we have to the realities not covered numerically. So how do you uncover your blind-spots, how do you use data smartly, and why should you never, ever have a data strategy? Here are my thoughts.
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Career Bytes and Job Postings
Looking for a change in a start-up environment? Read about some high-growth start-up job postings here.
Check out the MRIA-ARIM job postings hereIf you or your company would like to feature a job posting, write to with the subject line: JOB POSTING  
Certifications and Webinars 
Global CMRP Partnership
MRIA-ARIM will be partnering with ICCP,  to support additional specialties with objective assessment via computer-based examinations for the Certified Marketing Research Professional (CMRP).
ICCP provides the world’s largest set of certifications in business intelligence, data analytics, data science, data governance and public sector data governance.
Boom or Bust?
Cannabis legalization in Canada has seen its share of highs and lows. Read about some challenges and opportunities in the cannabis extraction space and how this affects the entire supply chain economics here
Stay tuned for our webinar towards a stronger insights value chain in legal cannabis, the newest and fastest growing industry in North America.
Future of the Insights Marketplace
A host of big and small, new and traditional retail, marketing, and technology brands got together at the recently concluded DX3 in Toronto, to cast an outlook on the role of data, product, and brand storytelling in delivering the ultimate customer experience. Measuring customer feedback well remained the top focus for brands.
Resilience and Timeliness
Read about how business like yours can prepare for competitiveness in the wake of the COVID-19 virus in this article from ESOMAR's Research World. How can your business act early on to stay meaningful and relevant to its consumers?  
Powerful Decisonmaking
Bridging research disciplines to scope new innovations that shape informed policy is something we look for in partners. What does the future of plastics look like? Read about what the Science and Policy Integration Network (SPIN) have been doing to pave the way for compostable plastics in British Columbia in this article. 
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