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News You NEED to Know 
  • Welcome back emails for Competitive athletes will be sent out Sept 2nd
  • Welcome emails will be sent to our recreational stream by Sept 8th
  • PLEASE READ these emails carefully as there is A LOT of pertinent info being shared
  • COVID document is shared below - please read it carefully and submit your acknowledgment ASAP (before your first class)
  • Parent Zoom meetings will be held on Sept 8th (previous ASHT families) and Sept 14th (new ASHT families) - we will go over COVID guidelines as well as any lingering questions about the upcoming season - details in welcome email
  • Please click "View Entire Message" OR "Read More" to make sure you do not miss anything in this newsletter
Please keep sharing our recreational programs on social media! Registration is still open until Sept 12th.  We have about 6 spots left in our 8 weeks programs, 3 spots in our twirling tots program, 1 spot in our pre 1/2 class, and our beginner baton program is open for another 8 participants.  Also there are some spots in our dance and acro classes.
Click the button below for the info on the classes and times we are offering.
Class Info
Coaches Corner
Welcome back everyone! I have missed you all so much! Although things will be different, we are so happy to be able to run classes again. Safety is our number one priority, but I am so grateful that we are all still able to do what we love. See you soon! ~Miss Taelyr
TRICK OF THE MONTH - Juggling! Show us your best juggles. With balls, batons, or anything you can find around the house! The lower & quicker the better. There are many variations – lets see your take.  Take a look at some variations that our own Emily Lewall put together for us.
Trick of the Month Video
ASHT COVID-19 Guidelines
Airdrie Sky High Twirlers always have and always will put the safety, health, and well being of our athletes, coaches, and families as a top priority within the club. COVID-19 is a part of the “new normal” this season and so a group of volunteers from the club developed this document to give our ASHT family some guidance as to the expectations we will have moving into our new 2020/21 season. If you need to connect with the team for questions or concerns now and throughout the season, please contact:
Please find the ASHT COVID policy linked below.  Read through it carefully as we will be requiring that all athletes/families sign and acknowledge that they have read and understood this document before attending their first lesson (this form is linked within the COVID doc).  This acknowledgement was/will be sent out in the welcome email to all families.
Summer Athletes Spotlight
Zoe Stamp
Zoe has always been a hard worker and her hard work shined during quarantine and summer training. She has learned many new skills and perfected old skills. Even though motivation may be difficult during these times, Zoe has shown the dedication to continue improving. She is always sending Miss Taelyr videos of new things she’s learned or attempted.  She is also known to be participating in extra classes when offered. We can’t wait to see what this season has in store for you! Keep it up!
ASHT Executive Update
Due to COVID this year has not been a copy and paste type of year and the board has been hard at work developing plans for the 2020/21 season as best we can with new guidelines, and threat of another wave of the pandemic. We appriciate your patience as this process has not been able to be at a speed we all wish it could be.

We are still in the ongoing process of opening our board meetings to vital roles within the club to aid in discussion and decision making. We feel this will help make club operations more open and transparent. Currently we have invited the Events Rep, Gym Scheduler, Registrar, and Head Coach to be a part of our meetings (which will be monthly now), but we may add parent reps and other key roles in the coming months.

Aug Meeting Highlights:
  • formed a COVID committee to set up our COVID guidelines for the season
  • registration going well - added another class but had to remove Pre 3 and Pre 4 due to little interest
  • we used soley social media advertising this season and it seemed to be both effective and cost conscience - thanks to all who shared and commented on our advertising posts
Next meeting is Sept 20th, 7pm via Zoom

If you have any questions or concerns for the Executive please contact the current board chair Kandis Boyd here.
Parent Leads
Airdrie Sky High Twirlers has had parent leads for our classes, with the exception of our sessional classes, as a way to ensure that a parent is always available to our families who has 'been there, done that.' The parent lead for your group (and their contact info) will be communicated in your welcome emails and they will be your first point of contact if you have any questions about the club, club events and competitions.

This year our parent leads are:

Beginner Baton - Colette Stamp (top left)
Pre 1/2 - Jenn Cooper (top right)
Comp C/BN/BI - Rebecca Nielsen (bottom left)
Comp BA/A - Karen Lewall (bottom right)
Important Dates and Events
  • Now - ASHT Recreation Class Registration Open!!! (Until Sept 12)
  • Sept 1 - Coaches Meeting
  • Sept 8 - Returning Family Parent Meeting (refer to welcome email for details)
  • Sept 9 - Comp A/B/C classes resume
  • Sept 13 - Freestyle/Pair training
  • Sept 13 - Auditions fo IC (invitation only)
  • Sept 14 - New Family Parent Meeting (refer to welcome email for details)
  • Sept 14 - Inter/Adv Acro classes begin
  • Sept 15 - Sept fees are due (refer to your welcome email for amount)
  • Sept 15 - Pre comp 1/2 class begins
  • Sept 15 - Beginner Acro class begins
  • Sept 16 - Beginner Baton class begins
  • Sept 17 - Beginner and Inter/Adv Dance classes begin
  • Sept 19 - Group classes begin fo A/B/C athletes
  • Sept 19 - Twirling tots and 8 week (Sat) session begins
  • Sept 20 - ASHT board meeting
  • Sept 22 - 8 week (Tues) session begins
  • Sept 24 - 8 week (Thurs) session begins
  • Sept 27 - Freestlye/Pair training
Upcoming Event Dates :
  • Oct 3-4 - ABTA Online Fall Camp
  • Oct 10-12 - Thanksgiving weekend - NO CLASSES
Click here for the full ASHT yearly calendar
for more dates to mark on your calendars!
As we move into our season we want to let everyone know that we have coaches available for additional private lessons with the athletes.  Each of their rates vary and so please reach out to them individually to make arrangements with them.
Miss Loren -
Miss Meghan -
Since our club is run solely with dedicated volunteers, we are always looking for families to volunteer their time throughout the season. Currently we are looking for volunteers in various areas for the upcoming year. Please click here to sign up. If you have any questions about the positions please email us here.
Fun with Baton
Send us your silliest baton photo for us to share on Instagram!!
We will do a draw at the end of the month for a small prize from all the entries.
Twirling Tip of the Month
Hi Everyone! I usually start by saying ‘Welcome back for another year’ but I think ‘Take Two’ would be more appropriate for this 20/21 season! Hopefully all the athletes are excited to get back in the gym - I know I am! I also know that sometimes it can be hard to stay motivated, so here are a few ideas that will help you get started:

1) – What are your goals? The more precise and detailed your goals are... the better chance you will have reaching them.
2) – Improve at least one skill in every mode! Work and work and work to achieve one new roll, faster flips, increased flexibility, more juggles and catch a big trick that you have never caught before! Another great goal is for your solo, 2-baton and 3-baton routines to be at least 20-30 seconds faster... yah... that’s fast!!!
3) – Make a training schedule. If it’s not written down or you don’t have something to check off... chances are you won’t do it. Make some practice dates with friends.
4) – Get INSPIRED!!! Do some research☺on your favorite athletes,
dancers and performers – what did they struggle with? How were they motivated to improve? What decisions did they make in order to achieve their goals? Put a picture up in your room so that every day you are reminded what you are working toward.

"Champions do not become champions when they win the event,
but in the hours, weeks, months and years they spend preparing for it."
T. Alan Armstrong
~Miss Loren
Our Governing Bodies (Regional, Provincial, and National)
Central Region Update
Bingo is back in session - with new guidelines in place.  Members of our competitive program are required to work bingos.  The sign up sheet is linked below for the entire season and we encourage everyone to sign up as soon as they are able.  Sometimes spots can fill up fast!
Bingo Sign up
ABTA Update
ABTA hosts a Fall camp every year for its athletes and this year it will be online Oct 3-4, 2020.
At the time of publication no further details are known so please continue to follow ABTA on social media or their webpage below for up to date details. 
ABTA Website
CBTF Update
CBTF enlisted various judges throughout the last 4 months to adjudicate badges for athletes across the country. 
Our club took part in this great opportunity and we want to congratulate our ASHT athletes that achieved success this summer.
We had 11 athletes participate and they all earned a total of 26 badges.  Way to go ASHT!
CBTF Website
Flip Give
Don't forget to continue to make any online purchases through our FlipGive account.  We are still using this for fundraising purposes. 
Click here to get information on how to sign up - the ASHT code is on the bottom right of the second page.
If you know a team that could use this, let us know as we would both get extra fundraising $$$.
ASHT "Fun"draising
Garage Sale
344 Stonegate Way  - Airdrie
Friday Sept 11-4-8pm
Saturday 12th- 9-3:30pm
Sunday 13th- 9-1pm
Competitive athletes are expected to assist if at all possible.  We will have a hot dog and pop sale each day, garage sale, and a pop up shop from Attitude Dance (Sat only).
Before the sale please arrange to drop off any items for the sale and loaner tables before Sept 11th.  Email Joann at to arrange for this.
We also need volunteers to help work the sale so please click here to sign up for a spot to help.
Do you want some ASHT merchandise?  We still have a few items left that are on SALE!  Please click on the button below for more information on pricing and who to contact for purchase.
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