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European Digital Development Alliance is a European association co-founded by the Institute of Innovative Governance which represents think-tank, civil society organizations and experts focusing on digital policies and digital transformation.
EDDA aims to provide a platform for better cooperation on common projects and making applications for Horizon and other EU grants.
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EU: COVID apps solution!
Member States agree on an interoperability solution for mobile tracing and warning apps.
EU: Freedom during COVID-19
Maria Arena, chair of Parliament's human rights subcommittee, shared her opinion on returning to basic human rights and freedoms.
EU: Hate speech and its regulation
New results were published on using EU Code of Conduct on countering illegal hate speech online. 71% of the content deemed to be illegal hate speech has been removed in 2020.
EU: €1.34 billion for Digital Europe programme
The Commission has proposed new EU budget for 2021 that will be focused on European recovery.
World: Blockchain can provide the right to privacy
“The privacy of one’s financial transactions is intricately linked to one’s personal liberty.”
China: Blockchain against Pandemics
Government of China wants to use blockchain technology for enhancing data sharing among medical institutions and that how be ready for pandemics in future.
EU: 2020 Digital Economy and Society Index
“Finland, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands are the leaders in overall digital performance in the EU. Malta, Ireland and Estonia are following right after.”
EU: GDPR Report
“The GDPR proved to be flexible to support digital solutions in unforeseen circumstances such as the Covid-19 crisis.”
India: Protecting from China
Indian Government banned around 59 apps from China in order to secure economy and sustainable growth. New cyber attacks are predicted to happen.
Australia: Cyber security strategy for New South Wales
The New South Wales government has announced its intentions to stand up a sector-wide cybersecurity strategy.
Germany: Tightening up the AI regulation
German government proclaimed White Paper regulation not far-reaching enough and proposes to tight the requirement.
Fifth International Joint Conference on Electronic Voting
Deadline: 10 July 
Location: Bregenz, Austria
E-society Research Conference
Deadline15 July 
Location: Kaohsiung City, Taiwan + Virtual Conference
Artificial Creativity conference
Deadline: 15 August
Location: Online (hosted by Malmö University, Sweden)
Journal of Digital Media & Policy
Date: 4 September
Call for papers
MIT Press
Call for proposals for the Information Policy book series. Contact:
European Social Catalyst Fund
New initiative
Deadline: 11 September 
Digital Innovation Hubs projects
Open calls for SMEs for proposals. 
Dealdine: 20 September 

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