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Insights went global! Since when? When all the market research conferences decided to set foot in Toronto, Canada! If you are a global-looking company with an insights vision in Canada this fall, consider participating in our 2020 conference.   
If brands are being born every day, and consumers and brands are yearning for more of each other, we hope to bring you more client-supplier event pairings that connect you with your best customers. Perhaps you are not available in person, and want to grow your impact remotely? Contact us to participate in a webinar.

We are here to build your brand, and in helping us do so, we need your support. Look below for ways you can volunteer with us while growing your competitive advantage.
MRIA-ARIM has formalized the CMRP designation's revamped offerings in a partnership with ICPP to enable career success for insights professionals in Canada with pathways and programs for everyone. Want to be an exam partner? Be on the look out for communications around how to take the exam or even partner with us in education.
Our own featured blog below includes a take on steps to counter bias in the research design phase. What more can marketers do to prepare for the insights marketplace? Read what your fellow marketers at the CMA are saying hereToo much quant talk and not enough qualitative reflection? Scour the archives of the QRCA blogs including reports from their spring QRCA conference. 
Stay on top of emerging technologies with new ways to test implicit behaviour by reading about what's happening south of the border with analysis of voter mindsets and non-conscious measurement techniques, the "North star" of modern research. 
Send us your juicy job postings! We want to connect you with the best candidates. 
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Featured Blog: Understanding Bias in Market Research
Michele Ronsen offers insights on the role of bias and designing research studies in this  interview featured post.  
According to Ronsen, in research studies, the more perspective and experience you have, the more positioned you are to shape and identify bias. Self-awareness is the first step in the identification of bias. Then a conversation with one’s colleagues and team around biases assumptions, whether it’s about the topic you are learning about, the stimuli you are testing, the moderator, participants, or even the researchers.
Volunteer your Skills with the MR world!
Earn MRIA-ARIM Rewards you can redeem for prizes by participating in the following activities: 
  • Write a blog post
  • Help evolve standards and guidelines for emerging growth sectors in how they pertain to market or social research in: Data Science, AI, IoT, B.Sci, Quali-Quant methods, Analytics, etc.   
  • Make member calls: e.g. 5, 10 or 15 a week
  • Plan or engage sponsors for an upcoming event
  • Feature in one of our webinars
  • Be a CMRP exam partner
  • Answer career queries on our insights forum
  • Help out with the upcoming Fall Conference
Write to us at for details on growing a fun and fruitful partnership with us.
Career Bytes and Job Postings
Looking to get your foot into the doors of data science? This article will help you plan for a data-literate future.
Check out our current job postings hereIf you or your company would like to feature a job posting, write to us at with the subject line: JOB POSTING  
Certification Update and Webinars
CMRP Career Pathways
MRIA-ARIM is at the forefront of enabling career success in an era of digital transformation by steering a new strategic partnership with the Institute for Certification of Computing Professionals (ICCP). Enquire about our new ways to become a certified industry expert. 
Register for the CMRP exam today.
Cannabis Research and Retail
Stay tuned for our upcoming webinar featuring a discussion on cannabis manufacturing and research standards towards a stronger insights value chain.
Also, read about the research challenges and opportunities with Canada's legal cannabis retail in the provinces using data from Canada's largest syndicated survey of cannabis consumers.  
Future of the Insights Marketplace
Improving Sample Quality and Respondent Experience
Launched in 2013, SampleCon was formed with the goal of creating an open forum for discussion of the global topics facing the sample industry.
Read about some top takeaways from their Atlanta Conference this spring.
Scientists and Pollsters Rank in Top 10 Trusted Professions
Ipsos conducted a global study on the most trusted professions globally. Read the entire results here. 
Strategic Tools
The latest 2020 GreenBook Research Industry Trends Report is here. Non-conscious measurement remains at the top of the table. Organizational skills like data science, storytelling and visualization technique remain in high demand. 
Castles on the Ground
Working on any new and cool projects happening in the neighbourhood? Want us to shine a light on some of your work-outside-of-work innovations? Get in touch and we can amplify your reach.
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