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European Digital Development Alliance is a European association co-founded by the Institute of Innovative Governance which represents think-tank, civil society organizations and experts focusing on digital policies and digital transformation.
EDDA aims to provide a platform for better cooperation on common projects and making applications for Horizon and other EU grants.
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India & World: Protection in times of pandemia
Due to spread of disinformation about COVID-19, some countries adopt and some improve their legislation to cope with disinformation in the digital world.
EU: Guidance to ensure data protection
The European Commission published a guidance on the development of new apps that support the fight against coronavirus in relation to data protection.
EU: Common approach for the use of mobile applications
“Digital tools can play an important role in the gradual lifting of containment measure, when the time will be ripe for that, if they are compliant with EU rules and well coordinated.”
EU: Approach for efficient contact tracing apps
EU Members States, supported by the Commission, have developed an EU toolbox for the use of mobile applications for contact tracing and warning in response to the coronavirus pandemic. 
China: National standards for blockchain
China brings together 15 organizations to develop national standards for blockchain. Earlier, China completed the development of the basic functions of its central bank digital currency.
Oxford: Crypto regulation
Researchers from Oxford law school have observed that crypto trading could pose a threat to traditional finance and it should be strictly regulated in the times of crisis to prevent systemic risk to the system.
World: COVID-19 as a digitalization push
How the pandemia has already changed the digital world, how will it change in the nearest future and in a long run?
Ukraine: E-Voting in Ukraine
E-voting in Ukraine: advancements, challenges and perspectives. Did you know that popular e-voting has been practised in Ukraine at least since 2015? Check out pages 11-13 from Brussels Ukraїna Review to learn more.
EU: Covid-19’s impact on e-commerce
Covid-19 Commerce Insight - a new project that shows the impact of the pandemia on e-commerce with global and regional perspectives.
France: Selling restrictions
Court ruled Amazon to sell only essential goods due to measures associated with Covid-19.
Australia: COVIDSafe tracing app
New app was launched by the government in order to fite COVID-19. A range of risks were admitted due to a short timeframes of preparation.
UK: To protect privacy
“The UK has decided to break with growing international consensus and insist its upcoming coronavirus contact-tracing app is run through centralised British servers – rather than follow the decentralized Apple-Google approach.”
EU: About to regulate AI
Despite the pandemic outbreak, regulation of the AI is one of the top priorities, it can change the game and lead to tremendous market transformation.
EOSC-hub Week 2020
Date: 18-20 May 2020
Location: Online.
The format has been changed from a physical conference to an online event due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Cyber Europe 2020
Date: 5 June 2020
ENISA organises the 5th edition of Cyber Europe, the largest Pan European Cybersecurity Exercise, focusing on the healthcare sector.
International Joint Conference on Electronic Voting
Date: 6-9 October 2020
Location: Bregenz, Austria. 
Paper Submission Date: 15 May 2020.
2020 CEF Telecom Call - European Platform for Digital Skills and Jobs
Deadline: 12 May 2020
COSME Programme. Social Economy Missions
Deadline: 9 June 2020
European Social Catalyst Fund
New initiative
Deadline: 11 September 2020
Digital Innovation Hubs projects: open calls for SMEs
Deadline: 20 September 2020
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