Looking Back at the Past Decade in Research
Editor's Note
Happy New Year! In the past decade we saw platforms gain dominance, research tech breathing new life into old data points, emotion becoming a central concern for marketers, along with artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain livestreaming in our vocabularies.
The rise of the peer close on the heels of a crowd-based economy is reflective of the new winds that are carrying the industry forward, collaboration. Want to join the movement and shape industry? Volunteer your skills with MRIA and enter to WIN a ticket to the annual conference in Toronto!
If consumers have evolved, how are we preparing to understand their motives and journeys, to predict their patterns and prescribe insights-rich solutions? January’s featured blog takes a leap into the tech of tomorrow using agent-based modelling to innovate for success. 

Innovation is great, but what careers and skillsets should the next generation of researchers be looking at, armed with statistical and marketing brilliance or less? If we have managed to train our workforces to have happily married left and right brains, how do we also make sure they are all gainfully employed in an age of constant restructure and moving expectations? The answer will always be education and knowledge sharing! Be sure to check out MRIA’s line up of courses and knowledge exchange events and the highly anticipated summer conference to learn from an unprecedented range of data insights practitioners and leaders. 

The past decade was a dress rehearsal, for what is ahead. How do we grow this $80 billion industry in turbulent times, where our neighbours to the south and in other markets appear to be succeeding faster? Abundance today is restricted to the very few, and not quite enough to sustain shrinking budgets and bottomlines, as we witnessed the highest rates of insolvency in the past year in Canada since the financial crisis.

We need each other more than ever as we pool endeavours and resources. Drop us a note if you’d like to engage and support the industry and its talents. Perhaps you want to feature a job posting in the Career Bytes section? Get in touch. Together, we win.
Arundati Dandapani
Chief Editor, MRIA-ARIM 
Inaugural GRIT Future List Honouree 2019 
2020 QRCA Young Professionals Grant Awardee
Featured blog: What Does Innovation Look like in Complex Times? 
Christie Christelis explains the phenemenon of agent-based modelling, especially useful to glean insights from a payments ecosystem in complex and emergent markets. 
Companies succeed or fail based on their ability to innovate. Over the last century, we have seen how rapid changes in technology can alter the economic landscape dramatically – and increasingly quickly. One of the challenges that businesses face is understanding which factors influence the uptake of innovations and how those factors might influence their success.
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Career Bytes and Job Postings
Ever considered how moving from an enterprise firm to a start-up might change the way you work and multiply the rewards? This article explores reasons why working in a start-up might position you for success in significant and unique ways
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Research Conferences, Events and News
MRIA-DMC Events 
MRIA and DMC have struck an important events partnership to bring    MRIA members the opporotunity to learn and interact with others in the  data space. Sign up for the upcoming Calgary Event. Stay tuned for more information on the MRIA 2020 National Conference.
Also, read this article about obligations  for third-party data processors, especially if you are working with client lists that contain personal information. 
The Paradigm Shift
If Insights are everywhere, how has the insights function in organizations evolved in both the agency and client side? 
Read about the Insights Association's first Canadian Conference The Paradigm Shift here. 
Cannabis Standards are Coming to MRX!
Stay tuned for the latest addition to the MRIA's Code of Conduct. The all new cannabis standards release will involve expert consultations, reviews and an upcoming webinar in a post-legalization world.
Forethought and Foresight 2020
Consumer Privacy 
Are you trying to navigate the privacy landscape in a post-GDPR world? 
Read about how the blockchain offers market research solutions to minimizing data liability, advocating for transparency in the supply chain: Paying attention to consumer privacy regulations in 2020.
Tools and Techniques 
Read about top predictions in the evolving marketplace and how and where to harness talent and budgets in this post.
Complement that with forecasts on platforms and research tools in this comprehensive look at MR platforms.
Also read 2019's most widely read blogs on GreenBook. Blogs remain a central part of the next decade's researcher's toolkit!
Future of Marketing Analytics
Nielsen's annual CMO report  and Kantar's Getting Media Right 2019 reports revealed the growing spend on analytics, digital and search, as marketers are challenged by cross-media measurement and full data integration, along with the optimization of their marketing-mix. 
Apps in Market Research 
We asked colleagues in the trade for their opinions on the top mobile apps for their research and received the following recommendations:

LinkedIn, Shapr, Tableau Reader, Lookback.io, Upwork, QuickBooks

What more would you add to this list?
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