Edition 23| 2020

Welcome to the 23th edition of the SPIRE newsletter​.
The summer has been a transfomative period for our Partnership. Hence, we are delighted to share our latest news with you.  
We aim to bring you the latest news, insights and success stories from within the SPIRE Public Private Partnership and the European Process Industry sectors. We encourage you to share this Newsletter through your networks and channels.
Welcome to our New A.SPIRE Members
The following organisations have recently joined A.SPIRE: Eiravato and Talsad.
 We warmly welcome them and their contributions to make our Partnership even stronger.
Interested in becoming a member?
Register for our next webinar for potential new members on 15 October 
from 9:30 to 10:15.
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Two New Sectors joining SPIRE
We are delighted to announce that two new industry sectors have joined our partnership:
The Refining Sector
The refining sector is joining as a new sector in A.SPIRE. Concawe, acting on behalf of The European Petroleum Refiners Association, will represent the sector as an industrial association.
 We have welcomed Concawe Science Director Jean-Marc Sohier as a new A.SPIRE Board Member.
The Pulp & Paper Sector

The Pulp and Paper sector joins A.SPIRE with the Confederation of the European Paper Industry (CEPI), the Forest-based Sector Technology Platform, and SAPPI Limited. Climate Change & Energy Director
Nicola Rega of Cepi has been welcomed as representing the Pulp & Paper sector on the A.SPIRE Board of Directors
Processes4Planet Guidance Document
P4Planet Guidance Document builds to Horizon Europe
The Processes4Planet (P4Planet) partnership is ready to develop solutions to reach real circularity and a drastic reduction of GHG emissions of the European process industries, with a strong focus on competitiveness. Extending SPIRE’s cross-sectorial approach, P4Planet will develop and deploy the innovations necessary to make the profound transformations of European process industries needed to contribute our share to the EU Green Deal targets by 2050.
P4Planet Roadmap available here
Industrial Symbiosis and Circular Economy Report
Previous A.SPIRE President Klaus Somers is the lead expert author, in collaboration with colleagues at the Commission’s Joint Research Centre, of a report on Industrial symbiosis and Circular economy that highlights the key role of SPIRE in these areas.

The report ‘Study and portfolio review of the projects on industrial symbiosis in DG Research and Innovation’ analysed industrial symbiosis projects involving 14 different industrial sectors and two established industrial symbiosis sites with the aim of assessing how EU funded industrial projects are developing towards CO2 neutrality and a circular economy.

Among the report’s recommendations are the establishment of a community of practice offering guidelines for rolling out industrial symbiosis across Europe, the use of the concept of symbiosis readiness level to drive greater exploitation of industrial symbiosis, and the foundation of ‘hubs for circularity’, an approach developed by SPIRE that was put forward under the Green Deal by DG Research and Innovation and very relevant for Horizon Europe.
DISIRE still making news
Although DISIRE ended over two years ago, the SPIRE project is still making news! The project’s outcomes have been selected after a long and tough reviewing process by the Solar Impulse Foundation as one of their top 1000 technologies that could change our world.

The project has received a Solar Impulse Label that awards efficient, clean and profitable solutions with a positive impact on the environment and quality of life.

The DISIRE project sought to fully integrate the properties of the raw materials or product flows in process control through unique inline measuring systems and Process Analysis Technologies.
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Converting waste CO2 to High-value Chemicals and Fuels
Can we turn waste CO2 into a useful product? The ICO2CHEM project aims at establishing a pathway to convert waste CO2 into valuable chemicals and fuels. A series of free webinars will be released starting from September 2020 to illustrate the main project advances and the science and technology behind ICO2CHEM. 
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Here to IMPRESS!
As we are heading towards a fossil-free future using European know-how, IMPRESS will integrate selected key technologies to refine plant-based material into multiple sustainable chemicals and materials that can replace fossil-based products.
Related technologies will be substantially improved in order to provide a better future for all. IMPRESS uses a novel concept that aims to assess multiple purification and separation technologies that are used to develop plant-based products with an improved carbon footprint. The generated know-how will be distributed to future experts and employees through a lifelong learning e-platform.
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Optimisation tool developed for processes industries
The FUDIPO project is ending soon. With an initial end date of October 2020, the project has been extended for a few more months due to the COVID-19 emergency.
FUDIPO has been working on two process optimisation platforms: one with primarily commercial software and the other using an open-source software.
The open-source software has the advantage that the user does not need to pay any license fees, and their own functions and integration with other platforms can be done, but at the same time the user does not get support if adjusted codes or improved functions are needed.
In contrast, the commercial suppliers can provide support, but with a specified cost.
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SPIRE Projects 2020
INCUBIS - An Industrial Symbiosis Incubator for Maximising Waste Heat/Cold Efficiency in Industrial Parks and Districts
Energy Symbiosis (the selling and buying of excess energy) can lead to energy efficiency improvements, CO2 and cost reductions, new revenue, jobs and local investments. However. this potential remains unexploited due to complex multi-stakeholder issues, long lead times, high transaction costs, and a range of technical, financial and legal uncertainties. INCUBIS, a 36-month project launched on 1 May 2020, will deliver an ambitious Incubator programme to help stakeholders overcome these challenges and implement Energy Symbiosis projects at local and regional levels.
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REVaMP - Retrofitting equipment for efficient use of variable feedstock in metal making processes
Launched at the beginning of 2020, REVaMP is a 42-month Innovation Action that aims to develop, adapt and apply novel retrofitting technologies able to cope with the increasing variability of feedstock and to ensure an efficient use of materials and energy. The project will focus on three different demonstrator use cases from the metal making industry.
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CAPRI - Cognitive Automation Platform for European Process Industry digital transformation
The CAPRI project has started its journey! In May 2020, the SPIRE Cognitive Automation Platform for European PRocess Industry digital transformation (CAPRI) project was launched with the aim to develop and test a Cognitive Automation Platform (CAP) for the digital transformation of the process industry. The project will bring Cognitive solutions to every key manufacturing stage and address process Industry challenges in three industrial use cases; asphalt (minerals), pharma industry (chemical) and steelmaking.

CAPRI results can be applied to a wide range of problems and challenges in future cognitive plants. The CAP Platform and the cognitive tools included can be replicated in areas of production planning, control, automated processes and operations across the SPIRE sectors.

CAPRI is a 42-month Horizon 2020 project. CAPRI’s cognitive tools aim to provide process industries with more flexible operation, improved performance and state of the art quality control.
Hubs for Circularity: be part of the community!
A cruicial element of Processes4Planet`s path to climate neutrality, zero waste, full circularity and international competitiveness for the EU process industries is the development of regional Hubs4Circularity.
This concept foresees and requires active involvement of all stakeholders: industry organised in value chains across sectors, research organisations, public authorities and the wider society. 
We want to present, discuss and challenge the concepts behind Hubs4Circularity and need your feedback to ensure this critical initiative is best supported.
Don’t miss the Hubs4Circularity events on the 7 October.
Become part of our Hubs4Circularity Community!
European Aluminium Innovation Hub
A.SPIRE Executive Director Ángels Orduña Cao has presented Processes4Planet, the process industry 2050 transformation roadmap on 22-23 September at the European Aluminium Innovation Hub event..
The Innovation Hub is an industrial platform aiming to boost innovation along the aluminium value chain through collaborative projects and initiatives. The event programme has brought together speakers from aluminium users, RTOs and the European aluminium industry to discuss recycling, digitalisation and hydrogen as key enablers for decarbonising the aluminium value chain especially in the field of current priority R&D topics.
R&I Days
A.SPIRE Executive Director Ángels Orduña Cao is a key speaker to R&I Days on 22-24 September. Angels is be speaking in the session 'EUROPEAN PARTNERSHIPS: Stepping up the game' from 14:00 on the 23 September. How can European Partnerships step up efforts to achieve the transitions that Europe needs? The session looks at some of the proposed Partnerships, including P4Planet, for answers. IThis session continues the high-level discussion from the 2019 R&I Days on the new policy approach to Partnerships.
Also do not forget to attend the workshop and brokerage event on the Horizon 2020 European Green Deal Call Info day from 9:00 to 13:00 on 24 September. You can download a Commission factsheet on the Green Deal call here.
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CIEX 2020 - Game-Changing Innovation through Collaboration
The Chemical Innovation Exchange (CIEX) is holding its Chemical Innovation Conference 2020 on 7 and 8 October at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Frankfurt. The theme of the event is ‘Game-changing innovation through collaboration’, so naturally A.SPIRE President Pierre Joris will be presenting on the afternoon of 7 October with a talk entitled ‘Achieving sustainability by cross-industry collaboration: A.SPIRE perspective’.
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Other Events
- Raw Materials Summit 2020 | 29-30 September
SMARTSPEND Online Workshop | 29-30 September
- 2nd RTOs Innovation Summit | 18-19 November
SET-Plan Online Conference | 23-24 November
Other News
Commission announces actions to make Europe's raw materials supply more secure and sustainable
On 3 September, the Commission presented an Action Plan on Critical Raw Materials, the 2020 List of Critical Raw Materials and a foresight study on critical raw materials for strategic technologies and sectors from the 2030 and 2050 perspectives.
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