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July 2020
Region's tourism 'perfect storm'

Coronavirus has wreaked wide and serious damage on the Geelong region’s visitor economy.

The Geelong economy’s $1.1 billion visitor and tourism sector comprising more than 2,600 businesses is on its knees, needing ongoing support to survive and then to rebuild post COVID-19.

Prior to the pandemic that sector of the economy employed 7,500 people directly — representing about 7 per cent of the total economy — and a further 3,700 indirectly.

Business closures have seen an estimated 2,190 jobs lost in wider Geelong within the accommodation and food services industry and about 2,300 people resorting to JobSeeker.

Recent data shows accommodation and food services are by far the hardest hit in 2020, resulting in a combined loss of $127 million for the June quarter alone.

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Keep ATO in Geelong
G21 calls on the federal government to retain its Australian Taxation Office presence in Geelong to help the region's post-COVID economic recovery and honour its commitment to government agency decentralisation.
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Region's Social Housing Crisis
There are about 3,300 social housing dwellings in Geelong, yet 7,300 households are urgently in need of social housing.
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