Essential Information - Enduro2 Les Arcs 2020
Its almost time to party!  Please read this email carfeully since it contains very important information about the race, how we will communicate further information, and special changes due to COVID-19.
Communications During the Event
From 27th August to 31st August we will provide all essential updates via the Event Facebook Page.   Please sign up to this page, and carry your mobile phone with you at all times during the race weekend.   Daily Race results will be posted here, as well as start-order and start-time instructions for your following day's racing.
In the event of an emergency (for example, a stage closure or ski lift failure) the fastest and most effective way to communicate this to you on the mountain is also through this group, as well as our course marshalls and safety team.  Please sign up right now!
COVID-19 Update and Precautions
We are monitoring the situation daily, but currently the Status of the Savoie region of France is GREEN, The risk level is LOW, and there are no travel or quarantine measures in effect.  The 7-Day infection rate is 10.6 (per 100,000) in Savoie and 17.2 in France overall (11 August 2020).
Enduro2 will therefore go ahead as planned (unless there is a significant change in this situation in the coming days).  You can also monitor the COVID-19 situation in Savoie day-by-day, using this official website.   The official EU Travel status website is here.

Please remember to bring a supply of face-masks!  Face-Masks are mandatory on all Ski-lifts and must be worn at all times, whilst on or close to a ski lift. When riding on a ski lift, please be sure only to enter the lift with your race partner and to maintain a safe 1m distance from other teams when in the lift-line.  Face-Masks must also be worn if you enter any enclosed area, eg race registration, the restaurant, Charly's Factory Cafe, etc. Once you are seated at the restaurant you may remove your facemask to eat or drink.
Enduro2 Race Accommodation - 4 EXTRA SPACES NOW AVAILABLE 
If you purchased Enduro2 rider accommodation, we will contact you this week with specific details about your accommodation. It is located 400m from registration and 700m from Race HQ.
Due to a cancellation we now have space for 2 more teams to book into our accommodation.  Book now before we sell-out! 
Registration will be held at INTERSPORT / LABOSHOP
from 16h30 to 20h00 on Thursday 27th August.
(See Map - we are next to MacDonalds)
It is not possible to sign-on after 20h15 on Thursday.  If you are late and miss registration, you can still participate in the event but you will not be timed, nor appear in the results.
If you have travel difficulties and you cannot make it to Registration in time before 20h00, you can ask another team or riders to collect your chip for you.
Alternatively please email Ali@Enduro2.fr, or call Ali (In English) on +33 79 84 56 13 16 or Geoff (French) on +33 6 71 14 10 78 to make other arrangements.
You will collect your timing chip (1 per TEAM) and race numbers (1 per Rider). 
We will ask you to leave one driving licence, credit card or ID Card, or a 20 Euros cash deposit per chip. This will be returned to you when you hand back your timing chip to race HQ (outside of Charly’s Factory Cafe) at the end of the race.
At sign on please indicate for each rider if you would prefer a vegetarian food option for your reastaurant meal which on Day 1 (Bistrot Savoyard, Vallandry)  and Day 2 (Le Tonneau, Bourg St Maurice) which is included with your entry.
Unfortunately due to COVID restrictions we are not allowed to provide a communal barbecue this year, after the race on Sunday.

Food, water and Snacks are available throughout the course via free water stations and fountains on the mountain and from the cafes, and shops in the villages and towns you will pass on Liaison.  Enduro2 does not provide any specific food or drinks stations whilst on course.
Car Parking and Campervans
Free parking is available at the Registration area, and also in the Funicular carpark.
Enduro2 customers can park their campervan for free here, throught the race weekend.   But please note that public facilities are limited - this is a car park, not a campsite!
Race Rules and General Information
Please take the time to read all of the general race info on our website, especially the rider safety/protection requirements.
The Course
The 2020 Enduro2 course consists of 15 timed stages: 6 stages on Friday & Saturday, 3 Stages on Sunday. Liaisons are untimed.   A course map will be released immediately before the race - but remember, NO COURSE PRACTISE is allowed!.   You can expect over 10,000m of descent, only a tiny bit of climbing, and a lot of natural. technical singetrack.  Less than 25% of the course is "machine-built" bike-park trail, and more than 50% is well outside of the bike-park altogether! 
Bike Set-up Tips from the Locals
Tyres: Use a large-volume, Strong-casing Tyre, especially on the rear.  Downhill casing would be perfect, "Enduro" or "Double-Down: is the absolute minumum.  "EXO" tyres are simply not strong enough for this very physical and demanding course, and no-body likes to be forever repairing punctures, do they!?   
Brakes: If you weigh more than 60 kg then you will be much happier with a 203mm rotor on the front and 180mm on the rear (or better still, 203mm both front and rear).  Some stages are around 1000m descent.  Your brakes will definitely be tested to the limit! (And remember to bring some spare brake pads).
LABOSHOP will provide a dedicated race-mechanic support service throughout the race, to all riders.
Start & Finish Times Each Day
The race starts and finishes from Charly’s Factory / The Funicular railway every day.
You will collect your timing chip each day from our timing HQ at the Funicular station ticket office.
You will be allocated a specific starting time each day according to your race number - this will be communicated to you in another email, soon.  It is important that you stick to your allocated starting time very closely, to avoid overcrowding on the funicular and at the start-gate of Stage 1.   (This is epecially important due to the risk of COVID-19 transmission). Start times will vary between 8h45 and 10h45.    Each Day the Race will finish back at Charly’s Factory (The Funicular). 1st Riders will arrive from around 15h00, last riders between 17h00 and 18h00.
Entertainment & Massage Service
Charly’s Factory Cafe will provide entertainment, food and beers throughout the event.
Massage Me will be providing a professional massage service on-site outside Charly's Factory at the end of each day. Advance bookings are advised; contact their office on +33 4 79 04 20 66 or info@massage-me.com.
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