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September 1st, 2020 | Issue 11
Welcome fall! What do the colder months mean for mental health during a pandemic, when outdoor activities become less available? This month we're sharing resources for loneliness, including coping techniques, books to read, and more.
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Helpful Mental Health Resources
Several of our members have listed Wysa as a helpful resource in the past. It can help with grounding techniques, creating a safety plan, and more.
Telling someone you trust about your mental health issues is an important step in creating your support system - here are some tips to help it go smoothly.
Earlier this month, 18percent hosted a Q&A session with content creators Jess Murray and Jon Willey about crafting and creating as a mental health outlet and more. Check out the transcript of the event.
It is more difficult for Black Americans to receive adequate mental health treatment for a number of reasons..stigma, bias, and racism are to blame. It's important to be educated on this issue to help fight for change.
Author and Therapist Lori Gottlieb shares her list of books for mental health, "As an author who also happens to be a therapist, I love to 'prescribe' books to my patients that I think will hold up a mirror to them and help through their struggles."
A mental health podcast that discusses a broad range of topics each Tuesday, from negative self talk, to eating disorders, to police crisis training, and many more.
Helpful tips for getting through the loneliness and uncertainty of pandemic life. 
A journal to designed by psychologists made to help you work through stress and anxious thoughts.
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From Our Community
Here's a highlight from our recent Q&A session with Jess Murray and Jon Willey. Read the full transcript here
"How do you stay authentic with the work you do? What would you say to someone struggling with being themselves in the world?"
"The more “lost” I get, the more “found” I feel. I love that I can surprise myself, even now after “knowing” myself all this time and discover something new. It does not always feel this great though, there are many moments, especially when we are expected to have an answer and action for everything, that I am too lost and that is where grounding techniques and embracing/digging deeper into the traits I love about myself really help. Hang in there! Some of my biggest, most impactful-in the best way-moments have followed those really rough patches where I feel like I’m either floating in space or below rock bottom."
And lastly, some mental health humor...
With love from Kerrin, Zach & David
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