CyberFactory#1 - November Edition
Dear CyberFactory#1 community,

It has been a while since our last newsletter came out but we are back with exiting news. Despite the recurring lockdowns all over Europe, in the past few months the CyberFactory#1 partners have been busy working on papers and participating in virtual conferences. In October, Cyberfactory#1 was present at the European Simulation and Modelling Conference 2020. We had two paper presentations, one by our colleagues at OFFIS and InSystems as well as one by our colleagues at VTT during a workshop on Cyber Physical Systems Modelling and Cobot Simulation. In addition, Adrien Bécue, Isabel Praça and Matthias Glawe were invited speakers and gave talks on the project, the use of digital twins, and modelling and simulation for the factory of the future. More great work has been done by our colleagues at the Hochschule for Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin, who successfully submitted a paper to the MAKE Journal of MDPI and our Finish partners VTT and Houston Analytics, who have published a blogpost on ‘The power of data in remote work – anticipation supports success’. Have a look below for abstracts and links.

The coming weeks will be busy as well and we would like to invite you to our virtual panel discussion on ‘How to make the Factory of the Future efficient and secure’, taking place on the 9th of December 2-3pm (CET).
Lastly, the TechEx Europe Cyber Security and Cloud Expo is taking place on the 25th and 26th of November, where ITEA3 will be showcasing some of their projects, including CyberFactory#1. Several of our work package leaders will also be present to connect with.
You can find the registration links for both events below. We look forward to seeing you there!
Yours sincerely & stay healthy,
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'Towards Digital Twins for Optimizing the Factory of the Future'
This paper written by Patrick Eschemann, Phillip Borchers, Linda Feeken, Ingo Stierand, Jan Zernickel & Martin Neumann from OFFIS and InSystems is one of the two that were presented at the ESM 2020 in October. It is available upon request at the moment. We will naturally update you as soon as the second paper is available ('Inter-Organizational Perspective to Cyber-Physical System Modellingin Industrial Production# by Markku Mikkola and Markus Jähi from VTT).
‘The power of data in remote work – anticipation supports success’
Blogpost by VTT and Houston Analytics
The number of employees in working from home increased significantly this year due to the spread of Covid-19. Equally, shopping habits changed and cybercrime has been on the rise. In this blogpost, Jarno Salonen, Outi-​Marja Latvala, Pia Raitio, and Seppo Heikura explain how data can be used to model business and market changes. Analyzing the data can help companies and businesses to react and adapt to new developments and trends.
'Challenges of Machine Learning Applied to Safety-Critical Cyber-Physical Systems'
Our colleagues Ana Pereira and Casrten Thomas from the HTW Berlin published an article in the Machine Learning and Knowledge Extraction Journal. Check out the abstract and full paper below.

CyberFactory#1 will hold a virtual panel discussion on ‘How to make the Factory of the Future efficient and secure’ on the 9th of December 2-3pm (CET)
  • Adrien Bécue, Head of Innovation, Airbus CyberSecurity, France
  • İrem Hilavin, SW Design Architect, Vestel,
  • Jari Partanen, Head of Quality, Environment and Technology Management, Bittium
As factories digitalise and adopt automation technologies, they unlock new business models, manufacturing processes and logistics methods - as well as alternative roles for the people and machines that work in the factory. At the same time, these processes result in more complex IT and OT systems, presenting novel cyber security challenges and potentially leading to dangerous new interdependencies.
Based on early results from the European research project CyberFactory#1, our panel will discuss both the opportunities and challenges represented by the digitalisation and automation of factories, including what the transition towards a new factory system of systems may look like - but also the new threats that organisations may face if security and resilience are not prioritised early in the process.
Cyber Security & Cloud Expo
This is a fully virtual 2-day conference, held on the 25th and 26th of November. The agenda includes keynotes and interactive panels on topics such as tenants of CISO success, cloud security, risk & governance, cyber resilience, security ROI, as well as privacy and GDPR, trust, identity and data security. ITEA3 will be present and showcasing their projects in the domain of cyber security, including CyberFactory#1. Representatives from the project will also be available to connect with.
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