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7 Short-Term Tips to Prepare for the Enduro2
Its now only 5 weeks until Enduro2 Les Arcs 2020
Friday 28 - Sunday 30 August
We could not be happier to confirm to you again that the event is 100% GO, in-spite of the cancelation of other larger events you may have heard about in France this summer.  Our smaller participant numbers and Enduro-only-format mean that proper requirements for COVID-19 prevention can still be observed, and travel restrictions are no longer an issue.
If you haven't done so already, there is still time to sign up for the full 3-Day event.
Alternatively, you might like to try our new Enduro2 1-Day taster option - Sunday 30th only.
But...Are YOU Ready?
Those of you who have already signed-up might now be buzzing at the thought, having trained hard throughout the past few crazy months. Others may be feeling a little nervous, anxious and scared after easing off and ‘letting themselves go’ over the last few months......could that be you, perhaps? 

No matter which camp you lie in, it’s important not to stress. The great thing about the Enduro2 is that you can go at your pace. It’s suited to all capable mountain bikers. Whether you are super fit or super un-fit right now, these 7 tips will help you best prepare over the handful of weeks you have till the event. Of course, Enduro2 is about fun, not about the podium. So there's no need to feel pressured. Even if you finish dead-last, there will still be a cold beer waiting for you at the finish line!
But the right thing to do is to focus on eating well, training hard and riding plenty in the next few weeks leading to the event. Use the time you have now to knuckle down. Remember - the more you improve your fitness and strength over the next few weeks, the more fun you are going to have at the event. After a year like this, fun is what it’s all about!   
We've teamed up with Matt Mooney of MTB Fitness, to give you some specific advice on how to best use the time you have left.  Of course, even if you are not racing the Enduro2 then this advice would be just as useful a for any other last-minute training you might need to do in the future!
About the Author, Matt Mooney
Matt is the owner of MTB Fitness. He’s an obsessed mountain biker and personal trainer with 9 years experience. MTB Fitness helps hundreds of thousands of riders all over the world get fitter, faster and stronger on the bike. It has an audience of over 400,000 people on social media and several thousand customers spanning 57 countries. Learn more at www.mtb.fitness or by simply searching ‘MTB Fitness’.
1. Lose Any Weight You Have To Lose
Whether you have 2 pounds to lose (roughly 1kg) or 50 pounds to lose (roughly 22kg) it will hugely benefit you focusing on losing weight between now and the event. Every extra pound/kg you drop will make you more nimble on the bike, it will mean you have less weight to carry up the hills and your body will work much more efficiently. 80% of losing weight is down to your nutrition, which leads me onto tip 2...
2. Eat Right!
There is no time like the present to improve your diet. The Enduro2 could be a great motivator to have you stick to a healthy diet plan (like the one in my Stupidly Simple Nutrition Guide). You really are what you eat. You need a good balance of fats, proteins and carbs. Each meal should be based around a good serving of protein, with a side of veg and a small portion of carbs. You also want a small amount of good fats each day. This will give you energy to ride and train, help you recover well and give you great mental focus.
3. Resistance Train
Whether you already do or not, resistance training 2-3 times a week is a great idea. You can do this in the gym (if they are open where you live) or at home using only resistance bands and your body weight. I’d advise stopping around 1 week before the event and resting to allow your body to fully recover. Doing full body, mtb specific workouts between now and the race will help you get stronger. This will make you more efficient, more injury proof and will allow you to feel much stronger on the bike on those punishing descents.
4. Be Consistent
Now’s the time to have a consistent few weeks of eating well, riding plenty and training hard. 80% good for several weeks HANDS DOWN beats a circulating 1 week at 100% and 1 week at 20%. Focus on being consistently good between now and the race, not being perfect. It’s easier to stick to and it slots into your lifestyle so much more easily.
5. Get A Skills Coach
I HIGHLY recommend some skills coaching between now and the race. If you are in the NW of England, check out Ride MTB Coaching (No paid affiliation they are just excellent. Tell them I sent you). A good skills coach can give you tips, help build confidence and help you improve on those weak areas between now and the race.
6. Get Your Bike Sorted Now
You don’t want to get to one week before the event and realise you need a new drivetrain. Bike shops are crazy busy right now with the influx of new riders. Give them a call now if needs be to have a look over your bike and to have it serviced. That way if you need some new parts, you have plenty of time to get them ordered and fitted!
7. Be Excited!
Nerves are totally normal before an event. They are a good thing and help you perform well. Remember to be excited though! It’s been such a crazy and stressful year - you have earnt this race. Enjoy it and look forward to it!
I hope these tips helped. They are far from exhaustive but should give you some good areas to focus on!
If you would like more info on MTB Fitness Training Programmes and the Nutrition Guide head to http://mtb.fitness/ or email me - matt@mtb.fitness
For tons more tips, be sure to follow the Facebook and Instagram page, join the Facebook group, check out the MTB Fitness Youtube Channel, have a listen to the MTB Fitness Podcast on any Podcast app and signup to the free daily emails : https://mtb.fitness/pages/email-signup. Yep - there’s quite a list for you to go at there!
Thanks for reading
Matt Mooney MTB Fitness
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