Datatopia is real. Are you ready? 
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If you remember the last conversation you had with your neighbor, you are in a good relationship with technology. If you, however, can't remember how much you paid for your last meal or your last grocery store visit then the mental stresses of forgetfulness accelerated by gigantic strides in tech (mobile app notifications, in-home voice commands or human-robot wars). Like many, this hindering your productivity and relationships. What are you doing to "unwind" as the year spirals out of control, regains calm or just nudges you to an abrupt finish?

In this month's digest, we get behind the buzzwords to understand the real-world applications for machine learning, artificial intelligence and data analytics. How are you dealing with your data problems today and tomorrow? What areas of your work are you automating? Maybe you have some advice or feedback for the insights community. Dash off a quick note to and help shape the future of research. 

As Canada's MRIA evolves its next iteration of becoming a member-centric organization as it re-builds on its key tenets, growing new foundations to stay relevant and valuable to our country's leading research and insights professionals who are not just bringing home international honours but also leading their local communities, enriching the fabric of our industry.
I hope you will take a moment to consider the opportunities and promise MRIA 2.0 brings us in 2020. A story of quiet evolution in recent months, wrestling against the industry's currents (data-abundance, new organizational structures, changing demographics), throwing open a whole new canvas for every type of data and technology professional today: small, medium, larger than life.
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2020 QRCA Young Professionals Grant Award
Featured Blog: Demystifying Machine Learning and AI in Market Insights  
Robert Vagi, PhD., decodes some big and frequent buzzwords to explain the applications of data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence in a modern business setting.
If you are like me, you’re probably reading this article because of the buzzwords in the title. Even though everyone seems to be talking about predictive analytics, machine learning (ML) and AI, definitions for these emerging fields can be hard to come by and, more importantly, few people have a clear vision for how they can benefit their businesses. In this post, we will bring clarity to this topic and give you some ideas for how these emerging fields can be used to benefit your business. 
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