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PE UK June 2020 updates
To Zoom or not to Zoom, that is the question
Many of us have become attuned to a different balance of online vs face–to–face contact by necessity in recent months. I, like many of you am longing to be back together with people in the same space, but also am finding that there are some benefits to the technology that are likely to mean we don’t revert back fully to the pre COVID balance. People who found it difficult to get to Prepare-Enrich training events have been able to access them in Zoom sessions or as an online package, and couple work has continued online with more flexibility and less travel and less paper documentation produced.
In the future we hope to get the best of both worlds and wanted you to be fully aware of what we have available.
​Working with couples online
I’m pleasantly surprised how this works and with just a bit of practice, I’m confident that facilitators and couples can benefit from this approach. Here are our online tips if you’re new to this.
  1. It may feel awkward at first if participants aren’t used to working in this mode.
  2. It might be good to have a test run to iron out any issues in advance of the real feedback sessions.
  3. You need the materials to be available at both end and some like the exercises are more useful in paper form than virtual.
  4. Distractions and privacy are even more significant than when you are face to face.
  5. It’s more difficult to pick up body language and you may need to do more clarification as a result.
  6. Working just on audio has different impact than using video and can make opportunity for sharing difficult topics out of the glare of the camera.
  7. There can be technical glitches that affect continuity, and sometimes therefore the need to repeat or re-iterate guidance.
  8. With the more advanced packages there are opportunities for sharing materials online and having a parallel chat process for queries etc.
The Next Steps Series
The Next Steps Series helps you develop your support of couples by expanding the tools and approaches you have available to you, drawing on experience gained over the last 20 years. The sessions will last between 1.5 and 2 hours including discussion time.

Modules to date are:-
Building Prepare-Enrich Marriage Teams and developing Marriage Strategy - Facilitated session on Marriage Strategy. Suitable for leadership teams and marriage enthusiasts.
Overview of Prepare-Enrich programmes - Building from the couple inventory and extending to parenting and the wider range of applications. A high-level introduction.
Community Impact - Prepare to reach out and support local communities with healthy relationship tools. A good follow-up to Building Marriage Teams.
Difficult topics - How to raise topics that may be significant for the couple sensitively. Examples – Abuse, Pornography, Cohabitation
Group programmes - Group programmes can be very effective means of working with bigger numbers in pre-marriage, enrichment work and combinations of the two.
Specific targeted programmes and applications - Including group-based PE, Pre-adoption/Fostering, Parenting, plus variations - second marriage, armed forces and cultural/ethnic difference.

If you are wanting a facilitated session led by the team, we are offering these at £125 per session, as an introductory offer (from the future £150 base) - timing by arrangement. If you are happy to facilitate yourselves using the materials (a combination of PowerPoint, video, audio and print), the introductory offer is £25 against a future base of £50. Contact the office for more detail.
John Deagle, PE UK CEO
Training Events
For friends you’d like to get trained or people in your organisation or church. Following the success of our first Zoom-based facilitator training session in using Prepare-Enrich in May, we’ve set up another one for Saturday Jul 11, running from 9.30 am to 15.30 pm. The training costs £95 per couple working together or individual  
Next training event:
July 11 2020
10am to 4pm 
Booking Forms
Online training
If your preference is to learn at your own pace, you can get access to 12 modules, with back-up videos and quizzes, through the office – price £135. Recent new facilitators have found this to be a good use of time in lockdown - again maybe check out your friends and colleagues on this.
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Couple Checkup
This is a version of the inventory that directly links the couple and the Prepare-Enrich inventory. Although we firmly believe facilitated feedback is the best option, there are some couples that we’ll never reach this way. Maybe you know some of these couples and could introduce Prepare-Enrich to them in this form, perhaps even provide them with the option as a gift.
Find out more
As we develop these resources, we would love to include clips of facilitators, providing a brief video on parts of the programme that you find helpful or any feedback on Prepare-Enrich in general. These clips should be up to a minute, with your camera set on landscape and sent into the Prepare-Enrich office by email or on WhatsApp at this number: 07803903490.
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