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October 2020 e-Newsletter: An eventful return of Parliament 
I hope you will enjoy this month's e-newsletter. It's been a busy October - MPs are back in Ottawa after the prorogation of Parliament. Conservatives are working hard every day to correct flaws in the Liberals' COVID-19 response and ensure that Canada has a plan for economic recovery as we emerge from the pandemic.
Several important bills are being considered this month in the House of Commons. Bill C-6, the Liberals' bill to ban conversion therapy, is deeply flawed legislation that puts religious freedom and freedom of speech in jeopardy. Bill C-7, the Liberal government's attempt to expand access to euthanasia and assisted suicide in Canada, further loosens restrictions around obtaining an assisted death and puts the most vulnerable in our society at risk. Further scrutiny for both bills is desperately needed. You can read and watch more about my position on this legislation later in the e-newsletter.
The return of Parliament also means that my private member's bill, the Sex Selective Abortion Act, will come to the floor for debate. I'm excited to share several important updates on the fight to prohibit sex-selection abortion in our country.
This time of year is also a chance to reflect on the sacrifices made by our fallen heroes, as well as our Veterans. We owe them a debt we cannot repay. Today and every day, let us remember to remember.
Here is what to expect in this month's e-newsletter:
  1. WATCH: My virtual town hall with MP Pierre Poilievre
  2. Letter to the Editor: COVID-19 rapid testing coming soon, thanks to...Conservative pressure 
  3. News from the Riding
  4. Honouring our Veterans and marking Remembrance Day
  5. My speech on Bill C-7, the Liberal bill to expand euthanasia and assisted suicide 
  6. Update on my private member's bill, the Sex Selective Abortion Act (C-233)
  7. My concerns about the Liberals' Conversion Therapy bill (C-6)
  8. "At work in Ottawa"
I remain humbled and proud to serve our riding and my constituents each day. Thank you for your continued readership.

Cathay Wagantall, MP
Marty and I wish you a wonderful season.
Watch my Town Hall with Pierre Poilievre, MP
Thanks to all who were able to 'tune in' and ask questions at September 30th's town hall with Pierre Poilievre, Canada's Shadow Minister for Finance. We covered a wide range of topics, and I'm very grateful to Pierre for taking the time to connect with the hard-working people of Yorkton--Melville!
Letter to the Editor: COVID-19 rapid testing coming soon, thanks to… Conservative pressure
It gives me no pleasure to say this, but Canada is falling behind in its COVID-19 response.

In August, the ability to represent my constituents in the House of Commons was quashed with Justin Trudeau’s decision to shutter Parliament. He closed it for six weeks, for no reason other than to run from his ethical failings. These were six precious weeks that MPs could have used to develop a national plan to respond to a second wave of COVID-19. When it comes to Canadians’ health, every minute counts.

One consequence of the Liberals’ sluggish approach has been their failure to develop new systems through Health Canada to efficiently review rapid and at-home testing systems. Canada is falling behind our allies in approving and obtaining rapid tests.

Widely available rapid testing would do much to secure our borders and keep Canadians safe. But instead of putting together a plan to deliver these tests, Trudeau’s go-to remedy has consistently been to consider further closures — further damaging our economy. This is not a solution.

Fortunately, Conservatives are now back in the House of Commons and are working to expose these massive gaps in Canada’s COVID response. After our leader, Erin O’Toole and our Shadow Minister for Health, Michelle Rempel Garner exposed the issue and applied relentless pressure on the Liberals, 7.9 million COVID-19 rapid tests were suddenly ordered. Finally – a step in the right direction.

Travelling around Yorkton—Melville in the age of COVID, I’m continually struck by the resiliency and determination of our farmers, service workers and business owners. Their time and health is valuable. When it comes to fighting the pandemic and keeping our economy afloat, you deserve no less than the best from your federal government. When the Liberals fall short, Conservatives will stand up for you.
Cathay Wagantall, MP
Around the Riding
"I've never missed a harvest in my whole life"

It is wonderful to see 91-year-old Lucien Fagnou, one of our St. Brieux farmers, make the cover of the Western Producer this month. This was his 78th harvest, and he's not finished yet! Read Lucien's story here
I truly wish I could have been with the participants, volunteers and organizers of this year's Hudson Bay Rotary Growing Project harvest day. With 6 combines, 4 trucks, a host of volunteers from the local Rotary club, and a Grade 5/6 class, they recognized two decades of the community generously extending goodwill and hunger relief both locally and globally.

Over the course of 20 crops, I’m sure there have been good years and some challenging ones, and I truly wish to congratulate you all on your perseverance, your commitment and your contributions to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. I hope this year's crop was bountiful and may there be many more to come.
Look up for Veterans banners in Yorkton
Veterans remind us of our past and our duty to safeguard our future. I was so glad to take part in the Yorkton and Legion 77 ceremony for the Veterans Banners that will grace our streets until Remembrance Day. This month, remember to 'look up' for a reminder of why we're blessed to live in Canada. Today and every day, we have a duty to remember.
Lest we forget: Remembrance Day 2020
Click above or below to watch my 2020 Remembrance Day message.
"Remembrance Day reminds us all of our country’s place in the world and our duty as citizens to honour those who have given their lives for our privilege to live as Canadians.

"Canada is barely 150 years old, yet the sacrifices made by generations of men and women have matured our country beyond its years. We are known globally as a courageous warrior and a dependable ally. However, this reputation did not come without cost.

"This year, we’re reminded that over one million Canadians served and over 45,000 made the ultimate sacrifice in the Second World War. 2020 marks seventy-five years since the end of the War and Canada’s victory over tyranny.

"The duty to remember our fallen is not confined to Remembrance Day. Today, wearing a poppy reminds us to pause and reflect; but our local Veterans, our neighbourhood legions, and community war memorials are cherished and enduring reminders of the price paid for the freedoms we take for granted. Each day, let us remember to remember.

"Lest we forget."
Opposing the expansion of "death on demand"
Click above or below to watch my full speech on bill C-7, the Liberals' attempt to expand euthanasia and assisted suicide in Canada.
On October 19th, I spoke to the Liberals' renewed attempt to expand access to euthanasia and assisted suicide through bill C-7.

Just 4 years after its legalization, MPs find themselves considering legislation that will further loosen restrictions, eliminate safeguards, and confuse our country's understanding of the sanctity of life and the government's role in end-of-life decisions.

Rushing legislation of this magnitude through the House is very concerning. In the words of Cardinal Collins, "instead of developing an overall culture of care, we are rushing toward death on demand."

I’m also concerned by the lack of political will to improve Palliative Care.

Sarah Gray, in the Globe and Mail, put it well: “The hospice isn’t a place where people come to die. It is where they come to live — to live well for the little time they have left. It is a place of celebration, connection, comfort and support. It is a place of safety for the dying and the grieving.”
I hope you will follow the progress of C-7 through Parliament and inform me of your concerns. 
Updates on C-233: Sex Selective Abortion Act
New poll: Majority of Canadians oppose sex–selective abortion and would vote accordingly
October 23, 2020
OTTAWA, ON— A new poll has found that a majority of Canadians would be more likely to vote for a political party that promised to restrict the practice of sex-selection abortion in Canada. Today, Cathay Wagantall, Member of Parliament for Yorkton—Melville, echoed the results of the survey and urged Members of Parliament to support her private member’s bill, C-233: the Sex Selective Abortion Act.

“When it comes to the issue of sex-selective abortion, Canadians are more united against it than the media and some politicians would like you to believe,” said Wagantall.

One Persuades, a national high-stakes strategy firm, polled over 1,000 Canadians in September 2020 using a national representative sample. The survey was conducted in English and French, with results weighted by region, age, gender, first language, and vote in the 2019 federal election. The survey question read:

“According to the Canadian Medical Association Journal, the practice of sex-selective abortion (where female fetuses are aborted for the primary reason that they are female and not male) occurs in Canada today, yet no law exists to restrict this practice. Would you be more likely to vote for a political party that promised to legally restrict sex-selective abortion in Canada?”

Among the results, it was found that 52% of Canadians would be more likely to vote for a political party that promised to legally restrict sex-selective abortion. Of those who responded, 56% of those with a post-graduate degree would be more likely to support a party with such a policy. In addition, 51% of those who voted Liberal in 2019, and 61% of those who voted for the Bloc Québécois, are ‘moderately’ to ‘much more’ likely to cast their vote for a party committed to curbing the practice of sex-selective abortion.

“Canadians are united on the need to set reasonable boundaries on abortion that reflect Canadian values at home and around the world,” added Wagantall. “Political parties have an opportunity to appeal to a broader range of concerned Canadians.”

Wagantall hopes that the results of the poll will encourage those who previously avoided the issue of sex-selective abortion — for fear of political backlash — to reconsider bill C-233. Focused entirely on sex-selection, the legislation would prohibit a medical practitioner from performing an abortion on those grounds.

“As legislators, we have the responsibility to respond to the values Canadians want our country to reflect. Bill C-233 strikes the right balance between its narrow focus and the need to address an inequality between the sexes from the earliest stages of life.”

To read the results of the One Persuades poll, click here.

To learn more about bill C-233, visit
VIDEO: Full interview with K.R. Davidson on Canadian Justice
Earlier this year, I sat down with K.R. Davidson, host of Canadian Justice on The News Forum, to talk about the Sex Selective Abortion Act. It was a great discussion! If you would like to learn more about the abortion debate in Canada, as well as my rationale for introducing my bill, I encourage you to watch.
Tabitha Ewert: Canadians want to ban sex-selective abortion. Will Parliament listen?
I encourage you to read this piece by Tabitha Ewert, legal counsel for We Need a Law, in the National Post. Tabitha makes a great case for why parliamentarians should support C-233.
Tabitha Ewert, Special to National Post
Oct 27, 2020
Abortion should not be used for sex selection. Canadians have consistently shown a dislike for the practice of sex-selective abortion, a process by which abortions are chosen based on the gender of the pre-born child, and a newly released poll shows that they are more likely to vote for a political party that takes a position against the misogynistic practice.
The polling group One Persuades found that political parties have much to gain when it comes to supporting a law against sex-selective abortion. According to the poll, 52 per cent of Canadians would be more likely to vote for a party that opposed sex-selective abortions, while only 10 per cent said they would be less likely.
Surprisingly, the numbers were highest among Bloc Québécois supporters, with 61 per cent of them responding that they would support restricting this form of abortion. Even among Liberal voters, a majority said they support taking action against sex-selective abortions, with 51 per cent answering yes to the question, “Would you be more likely to vote for a political party that promised to legally restrict sex-selective abortion in Canada?”
Continued at
Marking International Day of the Girl
October 11th marked International Day of the Girl around the world. It meant so much to have my granddaughters, Natalya & Cadence, join me for an important message about unborn girls who are at risk of abortion simply because of their sex. 
Conversion Therapy bill puts private conversation in the crosshairs
I have serious concerns about the definition of "conversion therapy" in bill C-6. Unamended, the bill has the potential of criminalizing private conversations between Canadians and their parents or faith leaders. Click above or below to hear my concerns.
The Liberals’ Conversion Therapy bill, C-6, puts freedom of expression for LGBTQ2 Canadians in jeopardy. It would take away their rights to have conversations of her choosing in private or in the public square.

There is widespread agreement amongst Canadians and between members from both sides of the House that conversion therapy is wrong. I oppose any so-called therapy or treatment that degrades or dehumanizes a person, or tries to change their sexual orientation or gender identity against their will.

The problem with this legislation is its definition of conversion therapy. The bill defines it as “any practice, treatment or service designed to change a person’s sexual orientation to heterosexual or gender identity to cisgender, or to repress or reduce non-heterosexual attraction or sexual behaviour.”

Without clarifying amendments, the bill indiscriminately includes conversations with and between parents, with trusted friends, discussions between individuals and faith leaders, as well as sensitive interactions with guidance counselors.

The lived experience of people like Elle, Max, Lee, and Cari (explained in the above video) matters. What they have to say might be valuable to someone else facing similar circumstances.

Conservatives are calling on the Liberals to #FixTheDefinition of conversion therapy in C-6 and allow people like Elle, Max, Lee, and Cari to speak freely.
At work in Ottawa
I really enjoyed an invitation for a lunch meeting with Hungarian Ambassador-designate Mária Vass-Salazar on October 7th. She is articulate and well-informed.
I'm looking forward to hosting her in Esterhazy, SK and touring our beautiful Kaposvar Historic Site - the first Hungarian settlement in Canada.
On October 8th, I had a wonderful conversation with Peter Jon Mitchell of Cardus, highlighting the need for a more flexible family policy on child care in a post-pandemic Canada.
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