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The Bay Leaf - December 2020
From The President
What an unbelievable year we had with the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic compounded by multiple other stressors. I want to express my gratitude to all the volunteers for their assistance in adjusting our activities with the challenging conditions.
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Exploring the Sunny and Shady Sides of Claremont Canyon
I had traveled through Claremont Canyon several times before its plants caught my attention. Yellow leaves on bigleaf maples many Novembers ago alerted me that Claremont Canyon contained more than a resort hotel and an avenue up to Grizzly Peak.
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2020 in Review: Communications and Outreach
In this year like no other, we found new ways to connect with people who care about native plants and nature in general, and people new to native plants found us.
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2020 in Review: Conservation–Rare Plants–Unusual Plants
Development pressures, climate change, and the myriad other threats to native plants have continued apace during the coronavirus pandemic. But volunteers who work to survey and protect them have continued their efforts this year, sometimes stymied by restrictions but always looking to secure a positive future for native plants and their East Bay habitats.
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2020 in Review: Native Here Nursery
Like so many other areas of our chapter’s work, Native Here Nursery—our nonprofit outlet for plants native to Alameda and Contra Costa counties—faced unanticipated challenges this year. But the volunteers who manage Native Here saw opportunities while the nursery was closed this spring and used the time to make important improvements, including creating a system for online sales.
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2020 in Review: Restoration and The Stinkwort Project
Our CNPS East Bay Chapter’s restoration projects check all the boxes for COVID-19 safety, and like Barbara Leitner’s Stinkwort Project, they’re good for both the volunteers and the habitat.
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2020 in Review: Field Trips
When the coronavirus pandemic turned field trips into risky and inadvisable activities, our Field Trips Committee Chair adapted quickly and began to share her extensive knowledge of great places to see East Bay native plants through a new medium: self-guided field trip articles in our Bay Leaf newsletter.
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