What better way to demonstrate the speed and agility of the Raizer Emergency Lifting Chair than a race! Shame the team weren't quite as agile...
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Ready. Set. Raizer.

Nothing brings out our competitive spirit like a good old-fashioned race. And as soon as someone mentioned those enduring words, “boys versus girls”, well. It was on.
And although making this was just a bit of fun, our race actually highlights something really important.

When using the Raizer (sensibly), it takes around three minutes to single-handedly lift a fallen person from the floor. This can prevent a prolonged and distressing wait on the floor and empower a fallen person to get back to their feet and back to their day.

NOTE: always ensure your fallen person has actually removed their lap belt before attempting to stand. Annie, we’re looking at you…
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5 ways to lend the NHS a helping hand
As the old girl celebrated the big 7-0 this month, we thought about the little ways we could all help keep her going.

Ideas include knitting hats for premature babies, penning a note of thanks, and scribbling appointment reminders on the dog (OK, that one might not be so practical…).
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Our MANULET Bed Repositioning Aids help people with reduced mobility to use their own strength to move in bed.

The three aids can be used independently or in combination to move from a lying to upright seated position, turn from one side to the other, and pivot from the pelvis (helpful for swinging legs into bed).
Click here to view the range
The Belfast Barber raising smiles
Meet Lenny, the barber who gives men living with dementia an old-fashioned spruce up.

Caution: feel-good content included. 
Watch the BBC video article
And finally...
We’ve never been more jealous of any creature than this dog right here.

Enjoy the hot weather, everyone, but remember – some members of our community might not be enjoying the summer sun as much as we are. Why not pop your head in on older neighbours to check their OK? We’re sure they’d appreciate it.
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