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#12 / APRIL 2020


The Covid-19 epidemic that our country has been going through since the middle of March is an ordeal that challenges our capacities for collective solidarity and resilience. In order to face this unprecedented crisis, the OSE has adapted its organization to ensure the best protection for our most vulnerable clients, as well as all of our users and employees. With all of us, we pay tribute to the health, medico-social and educational professionals of the OSE, who pursue their missions with great commitment.

On the eve of Passover, we express the wish for an imminent deliverance from the health crisis which we all must courageously face. Let us respect the barrier gestures prescribed by the health authorities to protect us and others.

Hag Pesach Sameah. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Jean-François Guthmann,
President of OSE
  Patricia Sitruk,
Director general

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COVID-19: the OSE mobilizes its resources in order to ensure the continuity of its actions.

Confronted with the Covid-19 pandemic, OSE has taken the measure of the unprecedented situation our country is facing at the moment, as much for the persons we’re supporting every day as for the association’s professionals, who are extensively mobilized in order to ensure the continuity of our work.

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COVID-19: the OSE and the institutions of the Jewish community launched a hotline to deal with isolation.

Within a telephone platform organized by the institutions of the Jewish community, the OSE has contributed to set up a “chemapsy” cell for psychological support for healthcare and social professionals on the front line, and also for the general public.

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COVID-19: how do we protect ourselves and others?

4 steps to protect yourself and protect the others from the disease. Stay safe and help save lives by staying at home.


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Happy Passover to all of you.

A few days before PASSOVER, marked by an unprecedented situation in our country, we wanted more than ever to wish you a happy Holiday. We will also have to respect the measures to preserve the health of all our loved ones: stay at home, celebrate the holiday only where we are confined and with those who are with us.

It is by respecting these rules that we will again, and healthy, be together afterwards.

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