Observations from Our Churches
Updates and News from Across the Virginia District:
  • James (Rose) Heyward concluded 15 years of ministry at Annandale Calvary Church and has begun his ministry at Salem Fields Community
  • Jim, Angela, JJ and Gracie Domroes are saying, “Yes” to God’s call to serve as missionaries in Paraguay. For the first few years they need the financial and prayerful support of the Virginia District. Pastors please schedule them for a visit and find ways to financially support them. Contact them at
  • Ordination service: Due to the pandemic season and at the request of the General Superintendent attendance at the event is limited to invitation only. We are inviting Ordinands and spouses to bring a limited number of guests, first time license recipients and retirees will also be recognized but also with a limited number of personal guests. The event will, however, be streamed on our Virginia District webpage and Facebook pages live.
  • Phil Fuller is the interim pastor at Annandale Calvary Church during the search process
  • @Norfolk Calvary a new ministry is being birthed– Living Water, in a partnership with the district, VB1 and other churches.
  • @Roanoke Grandview Heights a new ministry is being birthed – Living Well @ Riverdale in partnership with the district and Salem Living Well.
  • Children’s Bible Quizzing has announced plans for a virtual/online first quiz of the year.
  • Teen Bible Quizzing will be virtual this year for the foreseeable future
  • Hope Happens welcomes Lenny Wisehart to a special edition of Hope Happens on August 27
  • Stephen Willis reports Lynchburg First Church continues with the construction of additional facilities (primarily for children)
  • District Advisory Board to meet next week to determine COVID Policy through the fall for in-person meetings
Praying for God’s richest blessings on each ministry.
God is helping us in remarkable ways.

With Joy for the Journey!
Phil Fuller
If you missed the virtual meeting we had with the Domroes on August 1, I would encourage you to view it from the link below. You will be blessed to hear their story. I also encourage you to get them scheduled in your church if you haven't done so already.
 - Charlotte Holter, NMI President
NYI 2020-2021 Online Bible Quiz Season
Bible Quizzing is a unique and exciting ministry for youth that combines Bible study, mentoring, competition, fellowship, discipleship, and mission. In addition to developing a devotion to God's Word and lifelong habits of Bible study in youth, quizzing creates and builds up a community of young disciples and servants, steadily adding to a vast pool of leadership and continually strengthening the church and its ministries.
FREEDOM SUNDAY - September 20, 2020
This September we invite you and your church to take a stand against human trafficking through FREEDOM SUNDAY.

Freedom Sunday is a time to unite with hundreds of other local Nazarene churches across the globe to pray for an end to human trafficking, and support church-led anti-trafficking efforts that range from prevention and education to protection and rehabilitation.
More details & Resources
Virginia Nazarene Retreat Center
The ceiling in the second dining hall needs to be repaired because the current popcorn surface is
falling off. NEED a professional drywall person to come in and redo ceiling joints so that they are
Smoothed and cleaned.

We have a small engine on our lawn tractor that need to be repaired and placed back into the tractor. NEED someone who has the knowledge to repair and install.

Please contact Rev Mark Hardy, Executive Director, at 609-247-4166.
NMI Website New Look
We are excited to share with you that we have updated our NMI website.  Please check it out!!  Your District NMI Council is here to assist you with your local NMI ministries in anyway.
District Events Update
The DAB agreed in their last meeting (7/9/20) to push back the "No District
in-person Activities Guideline" through August 31, 2020.
Hispanic Family Camp has been canceled. Se ha cancelado el Campamento Familiar.
After making reflections and considerations of the COVID-19 risk this year and after hearing the opinion of every member of the Hispanic Family Camp Leadership Team, by unanimous vote, we made the decision of not having the Hispanic Family Camp this year, for the wellbeing of each one. Thank you for your understanding!
(Spanish Letter to Pastors)
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