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October 6th, 2020 | Issue 12
Hello! We hope you are all hanging in there. This month we have a bundle of resources to help better understand yourself and build good habits. Stay safe and happy Spooky Season.
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Helpful Mental Health Resources
A list of amazing individuals and groups working to break down barriers to mental health treatment 
In this video, Anna Akana talks about the concept of 'misattunement', how it can affect our sense of self worth, and how to correct it. 
The Daily Shine podcast is a meditation and self-care podcast that posts a new episode every weekday to help you through your week.
The GRAPES tool is an acronym for a list of simple things you can do each day to help you through your depression.
You may be wondering if a therapist is right for you. You don't have to wait until things are very bad to get started - here are some reasons to start.
Complex PTSD arrises not from a single traumatic event, but trauma over a long period of time, often in childhood.
The study found that 18percent increases our members' abilities to seek support and take care of themselves!
Recommended by our members, "I like how it starts simple. Like it was super easy to just drink a glass of water first thing in the morning and it's made a difference."
From Our Community
18percent's members have so much insight and kindness to share...here are some highlights.
"Any suggestions on how to stay motivated and not let school and your career goals make you so anxious?"
"What has worked for me is baby steps, not allowing myself to think of too far ahead in the future, or focusing on things I cannot control. I work with what I have today in the present, try to not overwhelm myself. set little goals that I know are moving me forward no matter how slowly"
And lastly, some mental health humor...
4 Panel Comic - A witch runs down the stairs "Look, I finished my love potion" "Who're you gonna make love you?" "Myself!" She drinks the potion
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