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This month we draw your attention to the COST open call. Participants are invited to submit COST Action proposals contributing to the scientific, technological, economic, cultural or societal knowledge advancement and development of Europe. Deadline for applications is 29 October 2021. We also invite you to get familiar with Open Research Europe, the European Commission’s new open access publishing platform. It will provide Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe beneficiaries with a venue to publish their results in full compliance with open access policies. The formal launch of the platform will take place in March 2021.
On the EFG side, we invite you to discover issue 50 of the European Geologist journal which focuses on geoscience education. We also have an open call for abstracts for the upcoming issue on geotechnics. Please submit your proposals by 20 December! 📖
We also take this occasion to wish you a peaceful holiday time and all the best for the New Year!  ❄️ ☃️ 🌲
This month's headlines
Call for articles European Geologist journal: Geotechnics
The Editorial Board of the European Geologist journal (EGJ) invites you to submit articles for issue 51 of the journal. The theme of this issue is ‘Geotechnics - Building sustainable foundations’ and it will be published in May 2021. We expect contributions related to the topic.
Please send your article proposal first (name of the author(s), working title of the article and a short abstract of about 10 lines) by 20 December 2020 to Editor-in-Chief Pavlos Tyrologou ( and cc staff and layout editor Anita Stein (
The Editorial Board of EGJ will decide about the acceptance of the article proposals by the end of December and selected articles shall be submitted in their full version by 1 March 2021. The articles will be peer-reviewed and also reviewed by a native English speaker.
You may find the guidelines for authors at
MFT, Hungary
Professor Eva Hartai, a long-standing member of the Hungarian Geological Society (MFT) has been awarded the 2020 EFG Medal of Merit, for her notable contribution to enhancing the standing and reputation of professional geoscientists for over 40 years, for proactively promoting the role of geology to the general public and for her exceptional dedication to the EFG in the several positions she held over more than ten years. The award ceremony will take place during the next physical EFG Council meeting. Congratulations!
ERA-MIN Joint Call 2021
EFG is an associated partner of ERA-MIN, a network of European organisations owning and/or managing research programs on raw materials. ERA-MIN3, which started officially on 1 December 2020 aims to continue strengthening the mineral raw materials community through the coordination of research and innovation programmes on non-fuel and non-food raw materials (metallic, construction, and industrial minerals). Check the pre-announcement of the ERA-MIN Joint Call 2021 here.
SUMEX launch
The project consortium hosted an online event on 17 November 2020 to open a dialogue between the project team, the extractive industries, EU and national representatives, academia, civil society groups and downstream industries. The aim of the event to start shaping a common definition for sustainability for the extractive industries. The event was live-streamed on Facebook and the recording of the main sessions is available on the SUMEX YouTube channel. The presentations given during the event are available here:
Tech Watch report
Technology watch activities are essential to systematically analyse and monitor new technology developments in the field of less invasive #mineralexploration that could be tested and further developed at INFACT European Reference Sites (ERS). In order to increase the use rate of the ERS, INFACT partners have published a #technologywatch report which presents a bibliometric study on the technologies involved in the project.
Read more:
Project partners have submitted a session on 'Automation and robotics for raw materials exploration and production' at the virtual EGU 2021 General Assembly (#vEGU2021). The session targets current research helping the operation of an autonomous or semi-autonomous underground platform in mineral exploration or extraction. Make sure you submit your abstract by 13 January 2021 at 13:00 CET! 
Professional expertise
EFG launches webinar series
We are pleased to launch the EFG webinar series which will cover a broad variety of topics ranging from geoheritage to mineral raw materials or career development. To start with, Carlos Garcia Royo, Vice-president of the Official Spanish Association of Professional Geologists, presented 'Learn geology, fly with the European Federation of Geologists'. Carlos was the pilot on a geological flight from Madrid to North America and South America. He showed us impressive aerial views: the Pyrenees, the Alps, the Atlantic, the East Coast in North America, Long Island, the Mississippi Delta, the Amazon Basin, the Andes, Mauritania, the Atlas, etc. The recording of this journey is available on our YouTube channel.
Stay tuned for the upcoming webinars in early 2021!
New issue of the European Geologist Journal: Geoscience education
EFG is pleased to release issue 50 of its biannual open access journal European Geologist. The anniversary issue is entitled “Let’s become geologists! Challenges and opportunities in geoscience education in Europe” and comes along with a record number of submission. 
EFGeoBlog: Emma Rehnströhm, Swedish Geologist of the Year
Our latest EFGeoBlog post presents Emma Rehnströhm, the Swedish “Geologist of the Year” 2020. She is awarded the title because of her numerous efforts in organising outreach activities promoting geoscience and geotourism in the society. 
Panels of Experts
The Global CCS Institute has released its Global Status of CCS Report 2020 which demonstrates the vital role of carbon capture and storage technologies (CCS) in reducing emissions to net-zero by 2050 as well as documenting the current status and important milestones for the technology over the past 12 months.
The European Commission has several open public consultations which are relevant for the geothermal sector: “EU energy efficiency directive (EED) – evaluation and review” and “EU renewable energy rules – review”. Both are open for feedback until 9 February 2021.
UNESCO has published a report titled “Water Reuse within a Circular Economy Context”. The report covers many areas of water reuse, from basic principles to application and case studies. Water is a focus for UNESCO as one of the Sustainable Development Goals, as Goal 6 is “Ensure access to water and sanitation for all”. 
The organisers of the virtual World Water Week 2021 (23-27 August 2021) invite you to submit papers by 24 January 2021.
According to ScienceBusiness the EU introduces tougher green standards for batteries obliging electric car manufacturers to measure and label their carbon footprint and abide by new recycling rules. The EU is also aiming to achieve 30 million electric cars by 2030 as reports EurActiv. 
Finally, the EU Parliament wants to grant EU consumers a “right to repair”, improving thus the reparability and extending the lifespan of products with the aim of reducing electronic waste.
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