From the Salon: C24 Gallery Global Updates
Top (L to R): Lisa Crafts, Laura Heyman, Pixy Liao
Bottom (L to R): Sven Marquardt, Marie Tomanova, Margaret Innes
On Saturday, December 12th, we held a live, online panel discussion featuring the five photographers currently exhibiting work in On the Inside: Portraiture Through Photography at C24 Gallery (on view through December 24th). The discussion between Lisa Crafts, Laura Heyman, Pixy Liao, Sven Marquardt and Marie Tomanova was hosted by C24 Gallery Director and Curator, David C. Terry and moderated by Margaret Innes, Postdoctoral Researcher at Syracuse University. Both David and Sven (along with his translator, Hardy) joined us from Berlin! In case you missed it, here’s the link to the entire talk.
Viktor Popović, Untitled (Archive Zenčišće) at The Armory Show, 2020
C24 Gallery artist Viktor Popović has won the second prize at the Slavonian Biennale, one of the most important juried exhibitions in Croatia and the region. Currently on view at the Museum of Fine Arts in Osijek, Croatia, it will be open to the public through the end of February, 2021. Popović’s award-winning series was originally presented in March of 2020 at the Armory Show. Several of these works are also currently on view at C24 Gallery in our atrium Showroom.
İrfan Önürmen, Black Tulle - 8, 2020, Sewn tulle layers
Unframed - 13.5 x 10.25 in. (34 x 26 cm), Framed - 21.25 x 18 in. (54 x 46 cm) 
Seçkin Pirim, Rebellion, 2020, Metallic paint on paper cut out, 36.25 x 36.25 in. (92 x 92 cm)
İrfan Önürmen and Seçkin Pirim will be the featured artists in C24 Gallery’s exhibition at the 2020 virtual edition of Contemporary IstanbulÖnürmen, well known for his unique tulle works, will be showing his latest Black Tulle series of sewn tulle collages. Pirim will offer a collection of works on paper and brightly painted fiberglass sculptures, showcasing his signature attention to detail in an exploration of the dynamics of order and disorder. A selection of works by both artists is also currently on view at C24 Gallery in our Showroom.
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