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Week 1: A Kumi New Year!
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Welcome to the new edition of Kumi Now! First of all, yes, we have restarted the counting of our weeks with the new year and the new Kumi Calendar. But more importantly, Kumi Now Online gatherings are back! Here's the information you need to join our first gathering of the year:
January 5: Week 1 - Discussion on the New Kumi Now
Our first online gathering will be an informal affar and will focus on the new Kumi Now as we discuss the rollout and answer your questions. It will also feature the return of the weekly news update. 
Time: Tuesday, January 5, at 6:00 PM East Jerusalem, Palestine time (UTC+3) That's 8am in Seattle, 10am in Chicago, 11am in New York/Toronto, 4pm in London, and 11pm in Manila.
Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 946 7950 2800
Password: 1wQuTG
And here's what we have coming up for the rest of January so you can plan ahead and decide how you want to be a part of Kumi Now: 
Coming up in Kumi Now
Each week below will have an online gathering with a guest or guest sspeaking on the topic. The time and Zoom link will be the same each week.
The weekly newsletter will always contain reminders of the upcoming online gatherings and the Zoom link. But if you're like me and need a reminder right before the sessions begin, you can register to receive a reminder email one hour prior to each online gathering. And no more digging through your inbox looking for the Zoom link! Just use the registration form at the bottom of the page.
January 12: Week 2 - Doing Business while Palestinian
The first injustice we address is limitations on the ability of Palestinians to participate in the business and labor market.
In our Kumi Action we will look to assist Palestinian businesses and brands by publicizing their goods or buying something ourselves (or sharing what you bought or received for Christmas!).
January 19: Week 3 - Building Permit Discrimination
As we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day, another injustice that we need to address is how Palestinians in the West Bank have been systematically denied their rights to improve and build upon their land.
For our Kumi Action we will be participating in and publicizing Tent of Nation's Sponsor a Tree program.
January 26: Week 4 - Jerusalem
The Israeli military occupied Jerusalem in 1967. Yet Israel started its efforts to claim Jerusalem as its alone, regardless of the wishes of the United Nations and the claims of Palestinians, years earlier on January 23, 1950, when the Knesset declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel.
Our Kumi Action will be our first letter writing campaign of the year, identifying new audiences to educate about Jerusalem and finding creative ways to do so.
Kumi Now
Please note: To match the dates in the book, we will now be posting a new entry each Friday, and this newsletter should go out each Thursday or Friday.
Sharing and publicizing: The graphics in this newsletter are designed to be the perfect size and shape to share to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. So each week you can help the cause simply by sharing these images online. It's one more option you have to help.
Kumi Week #1: Kumi New Year
Week 1 of Kumi Now is now available on the website. This first week of the year is all about understanding the new Kumi Now, reflecting on your previous involvement in Kumi Now, planning your participation for the coming year, and recruiting new people to be a part of your Kumi Community.
It is also a good time to read the new editors' note, the Bible Study on Mark 5:21–43, and read the new essay in the book, "Why Nonviolence?" And of course you can check out the full calendar for the year.
A couple other things you can do this week are making sure you follow us on social media:
And share information about Kumi Now with your friends and other potential new members of your Kumi Community. You can use the Kumi Now 2.0 graphics and we have this PDF flyer about Kumi Now that you can email or print out to distribute.
Then join us on Tuesday to ask questions and share your own ideas on how we can all become better activists for Palestine in 2021.
Important news going on in Palestine, Israel, and the diaspora, from trusted sources of news.
Get Involved
Updates on how Kumi Now partner organizations and other organizations are engaging in the struggle for Palestinian human rights and equality, and ways that you can help.
  • January 13: MECA is presenting an extraordinary film about Robert Fisk's life, “This Is Not A Movie” (made by filmmaker Yung Chang), on Wednesday, January 13, 5-7:30pm Pacific time—co-presented with the Arab Film & Media Institute. Details are now available.
  • January 27: ICAHD UK and Pluto Press will host the book launch for Jeff Halper’s new book, Decolonizing Israel, Liberating Palestine. It will be 7pm UK time (that's 2pm Eastern, 9pm Palestine time). More information to come in the new year.
Ongoing Campaigns
Organizations in Action
Kumi Partners
Updates on how Kumi Now partner organizations are engaging in the struggle for Palestinian human rights and equality. 
Other Organizations
Updates, reports, and actions from the United Nations, governments, and other international organizations that relate to Palestine.
The Arts
Recent and not-so-recent films, books, music, and other arts related to Palestine, as well as news about festivals and other events.
Poem: "Let hope fly like a bird" by Basman Derawi
Take a couple minutes to enjoy this poem for the new year by Basman Derawi, from Gaza, published by We Are Not Numbers.
You Should Know
One or two people, companies, or organizations you should know, and how you can follow them online.
Issa Amro
Issa Amro is the co-founder the grassroots group, and Kumi Partner, Youth Against Settlements. He advocates the use nonviolent resistance and civil disobedience and in 2010 was declared "human rights defender of the year in Palestine" by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.
In 2013, the United Nations Human Rights Council expressed concern for his wellbeing and safety due to harassment from Israeli soldiers and settlers and a series of arbitrary arrests. He is currently being indicted by the Israeli military court with 18 charges against him.
In March, 2019, Amnesty International demanded that the Palestinian authorities should drop all charges against him, adding "It is disgraceful that Issa Amro is facing a prison term simply for expressing his views promoting human rights online."
On January 6, the military judge will announce the verdict for Issa Amro. Youth Against Settlements writes that they "expect that he will be found guilty on most of these baseless charges and may face years in Israeli prison." Please sign the petition in support of Issa as well as this one from Friends of Al-Aqsa.
You can follow Issa online on Twitter and Facebook.
What's Next
We hope to see you in the online gathering on Tuesday, after which you'll receive another newsletter next Friday, focused on our next issue, Doing Business while Palestinian. We also hope to give you some news on downloading the new edition of the Kumi Now book sometime soon. 

The Kumi Now Team
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