Marie Tomanova's Young Americans
As New York City’s galleries are slowly beginning to re-open, we are preparing for our next brick & mortar exhibition, On the Inside: Portraiture Through Photography. A group show featuring an international selection of photographers and image makers, the exhibition will offer the opportunity to deepen an ongoing conversation about self across borders of all kinds.
One of the artists we will be featuring in the exhibition is Marie Tomanova. Her photography and video work deal with issues of displacement, identity, inclusivity, gender, sexuality and memory. Her series, Young American (2015 - ongoing), first presented as a solo exhibition at Czech Center New York in 2018, focuses on individuality, identity, and belonging in the American social landscape.
We happily share these selections from Tomanova’s series as a teaser to On the Inside. All images will be available as archival pigment prints in two sizes, each in edition of 5 + 2AP - 16 x 24 in. (40.6 x 61 cm) and 32 x 48 in. (81.3 x 122 cm).
Stay tuned for details about the exhibition opening. For more information, contact: or
Alton, 2016
Aquaria, 2018
Quay Dash, 2016
Kate & Odie, 2017
August, 2016
Lili, 2016
Thistle, 2016
Elyanna, 2018

Shaun, 2018
Tash, 2017
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