(L-R)  Sharon Louden, Karen Finley (KF photo by Dona Ann McAdams)
From the Salon:
Sharon Louden and Karen Finley in Conversation​
Today we’re inviting you to experience a dialogue between two luminaries from the art world, Sharon Louden and Karen Finley. Recently, Louden co-curated the exhibition, Word Up! at C24 Gallery, which featured the work of 15 artists in a multi-media exploration of language/text as a medium of creative expression. A centerpiece of the exhibition was the monumental piece by Finley, Moral History, an ongoing project she launched in 1994 that examines, with a sharp yet humorous eye, misogyny and racism within the male gaze in the art history canon.
Atop a 12-foot long library table, under a thick plate of glass, Finley presents an array of art history books, open to the pages showing familiar images of work by well-known, white, male artists. Scrawled on the glass top are snarky comments pointing out the racist, sexist foundations of these iconic images. Taking aim at everyone from Gauguin to Man Ray, she lays bare the objectification of women and the shortage of female/non-white agency in currently used text books that continue to define an entire school of thought.
During the run of Word Up!, on October 26, 2019, we were honored to present a meeting between the two women, during which Louden interviewed Finley about some of the issues affecting woman-identifying artists, raised by Moral History. They also discussed Finley’s groundbreaking career, including her participation in an eight-year censorship battle with the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), her decades of work as both a visual and performance artist and her ongoing presence in a diverse, activist community of artists, highlighted by the creation of a regularly meeting support group, Artists Anonymous. About her persistent commitment to creating art, Finley proclaimed, “It’s a joyful, prestigious life.”
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 Images of Moral History, photographed by Walter Wlodarczyk:
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