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  • Epicure fundraiser orders are due Nov 14th - please see details below
  • Jingle Bell Twirl!  Read all about it below.
  • Santa Clause Parade is currently still a go - see information below for how ASHT will be preparing and participating
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Coaches Corner
Hey athletes! We know you have been working hard on your routines and it’s hard to motivate yourself without any competitions on the horizon. Luckily we will be offering a Christmas themed competition in December so keep up the great work!
TRICK OF THE MONTH - FUGIMIS! One of the most difficult rolls to master but so beautiful when done correctly. There are many variations – be creative! Your videos will be featured on the ASHT Instagram/Facebook. Make sure that your progressions are solid before attempting. It will take many hours of practice before mastering! Don’t be discouraged.
Trick of the Month Video
Badge Testing
We currently have a couple ways that badge testing will be offered within the club:
Competitive Athletes:
Step One:  Record your videos using the same format you used this summer.
Step Two:  Send the video to your coach for approval.  Step Three:  Once approved by the coach, please fill out the badge submission form and upload your video file to the form.  (see below)
**The cost will be $10 per badge/pin attempt.  Your results will be emailed to your coach and then your badge/pin awarded.  We have linked the SDP video process and scripts here for reference.
Pre-Competitive Athletes:
We will be having an adjudicator come to your class and do testing there (Dec 1st and Dec 8th).  Cost will be $10 per adjudicated badge.  Pre-comp athletes will be testing only one badge at a time.  Their coach will make them aware of which badge they will be testing, according to the skills they have been working on during class. We will require parents to fill out the badge submission form (see below) to register for testing prior to that class. Results will be available at the next class and badges awarded.  
Badge Submission Form
Alberta Health Services has made changes to the COVID symptoms list for Children under the age of 18 that are in effect starting Monday Nov 2, 2020.  Here is a breakdown:
  •  Alberta is removing runny nose and sore throat from the list of core symptoms requiring mandatory isolation for those under the age of 18.
  • This change is only for those with no known exposure. If a child is a close contact or known to have been exposed in the previous 14 days and develops symptoms, testing is recommended and the child would still need to isolate.
  • If a child has only one of the non-core symptoms on the checklist, they should stay home and monitor for 24 hours. If their symptom is improving, testing is not necessary and they can return to normal activities when they feel well.
  • If the child has two or more of the non-core symptoms, or if one of their symptoms gets worse, testing is still recommended and they should stay home until the symptoms go away or they test negative for COVID-19 and feel better.
  • The COVID-19 symptoms list for anyone over the age of 18, including coaches and volunteers, remains unchanged. Health officials will continue to monitor evidence closely.
Some reminders:
  • Please continue to fill out the form daily - even if the athlete is unable to attend
  • Unfotunately no spectators or loitering are allowed at this time - exception of the twirling tots (ages 3-5)
  • If symptoms arise after the form has been completed please just submit a new screening form
  • Pay attention to the symptoms checklist on the screening form as these are being updated as new information comes about
  • See above, or click here, for the return to baton chart if you have had to stay home from training due to symptoms
If you need to connect with the team for questions or concerns now and throughout the season, please contact:
 Athletes Spotlight
Madison Abar
Madison is always such hard worker in every class she attends. Even if she doesn’t enjoy whatever we’re doing – you’d never know because she is always giving 110% and has a smile on her face. Madison is not just a hard worker but also a great role model and teammate for Airdrie Sky High. She always has a positive attitude and is cheering on her teammates. Madison is in her graduating year which may be hard to balance but she always comes to class prepared to learn and focus on baton... even if there are other things on her mind. Madison also has started some volunteering in the club and is planning the Christmas party and all our theme weeks for the year.  Keep up the great work!
ASHT Executive Update
The executive continues to be hard at work moving this season forward the best it possibly can given the circumstances.  One major thing that we were given permission to do is host a club competition!!!  We are very excited and the initial details are below - however more details will be forthcoming as this evolves.

October Meeting Highlights:
  • discussed club competition 
  • discussed ABTA and CBTF updates and what they mean for ASHT
  • discussed fundraising efforts
  • discussed upcoming events - parade and Christmas party
  • Scheduled November semi-annual meeting
Next meeting is Nov 22nd, 7:00pm via Zoom for all ASHT members - AHST Semi-Annual Meeting - then executive meeting to follow.

If you have any questions or concerns for the Executive please contact the current board chair Kandis Boyd here.
Jingle Bell Twirl
We have been given the green light to go ahead with a local club competition.  We are able to have judges attend and athletes will have the opportunity for advancement much like an "old normal" competition.  For the pre-level we will be offering all events and for the comp level we will be focusing on Solo, 2-baton and 3-baton.  
  • 8:30am - 10:30am - Pre Competitve Athletes
  • 9:30am - 1:00pm - Competitive Athletes
  • Pre events (Basic march, forward motion, medley, solo, 2-baton)
  • Competitive events (solo, 2-baton, 3-baon)
    • OPTIONAL - competitive athletes will can choose to enter twice and have two attempts at each routine
  • Opportunity for advancement and scores
  • COVID compliant based on our current facility and club restrictions
    • one costume - no changes
    • no spectators - sorry parents!
    • limited athletes/volunteers in gym
    • athlete, coach, volunteer, judge has to be healthy that day to participate
    • tabulation done after hours and score sheets given out the following class
  • Fees will be collected as a fundraiser to offset a potential future club competition when ABTA is no longer subsidizing our efforts
Registration forms and payment are due no later than November 30th.
Parent leads will be sending out the registration form once we are ready to accept registrations.
Santa Claus Parade
The City of Airdrie is currently still planning on hosting the annual Santa Claus parade and ASHT will once again be a part of it.  It is set for December 5th at 4:30pm but we do not have a lot of details yet from the City.
All levels of athletes are invited and encouraged to attend.  We will have one mandatory practice before hand and depending on numbers may need to split that practice time.  Tentative practice time will be December 1st 7:15 - 815 at DayBreak Community Church
We will need parent volunteers as well to walk the parade, have treats for girls after, and potentially be the point person that night as Joann has a prior committment that evening.  
Please email us here to let us know if your athlete - or you - are able to assist in the parade this year.
It will be great to get out and see our community again after the year we have all had! 
Important Dates and Events
 Upcoming Event Dates :
  • Nov 11 - Remembrance Day - No Classes
  • Nov 15 - Last day for sessional athletes to register for full year programs
  • Nov 16-21 - Funky Sock Week
  • Nov 22 - ASHT Semi Annual Meeting - 7:00pm via zoom
  • Nov 23 - Pre-Comp athlete badge testing deadline
  • Nov 30 - Jingle Bell Twirl Deadline
  • Dec 1 - Pre-Comp badge adjudication
  • Dec 1 - Parade Practice - 7:15 - 8:15 - Daybreak Community Church
  • Dec 4 - ASHT Virtual Christmas Party - 6:00 - 8:00 
  • Dec 5 - Santa Claus Parade - 3:30 we need twirlers there
  • Dec 8 - Pre-Comp badge adjudication
  • Dec 13 - Jingle Bell Twirl
Click here for the full ASHT yearly calendar
for more dates to mark on your calendars!
ASHT Christmas Party
With the case numbers in both Alberta and Airdrie increasing it has been decided that this year we will have the ASHT Christmas party go virtual.  
We are making a plan that will keep everyone engaged so we can still share in some holiday cheer as a team.  
Details will come later in the month via email and social media once details are ironed out.
Funky Sock Week
This year we are going to support a theme week every month and this month is FUNKY SOCKS!
Please send your athletes in their funkiest socks to all their classes from Nov 16-21.
Twirling Tip of the Month
If you are scared or nervous to try a big/new trick start by doing a low flip to gain confidence and then keep tossing higher. Practice the bodywork on it’s own and the toss on it’s own. Practice doing the trick with “air baton”. Ask for assistance or tips from any older more experienced athletes, they are always there to help! ~Zoe Stamp
Our Governing Bodies (Regional, Provincial, and National)
Central Region Update
We have some bingos coming up that still need volunteers.  These are on holiday dates and so we know it might be more difficult.  If you are around we appreciate you signing up as these bingos help us with overall gym funding for the region/club.
Bingo sign up linked below. 
Bingo Sign up
ABTA Update
ABTA has aproved club competitions and hence the information above about the ASHT Jingle Bell Twirl.
Thankfully with approving these local club competitions they have also allowed for funding for this.  
They are subsidizing our first club competition and then the funds raised we plan to try to use for a second competition in the new year.  
Thanks ABTA!
ABTA Website
CBTF Update
CBTF hosted a webinar is October called "What's New."  Here are some highlights:
  • They have developed options for competitions that pivot between videotaped, virtual, and in person
  • Freestyle has been split into three groups - BI(25.0), BA(35.0), and A(45.0) now and a qualifying score will advance you to the next level, BI and BA will also have some restrictions
  • There is a new SDT scoresheet that will use terminology that is more like artistic twirl
  • Ask your coach about some new awards being offered 
CBTF Website
Epicure Fundraiser

We, as a club, are participating in a Fundraiser through Epicure.

We are selling a Weeknight Dinners collection from Epicure—5 meal solutions
and a dessert sure to make anyone a mealtime hero!

Their products are 100% gluten-free, Non-GMO certified, and produced in a nut-free facility.

The Fundraiser Collection sells for $25 and with each kit sold, our club
will receive 40% of the funds raised—that’s $10 per each collection sold!

NO later than NOVEMBER 14, 2020

Send an email with your full name AND your athletes with desired amount of
kits for your order and etransfer to Rachel Wiedemann by Nov 14th
Rachel will receive all monies to place orders then forward all profits raised back
to ASHT treasurer.  You can also use the order form here to track your orders.
ALL orders will be received at Rachel’s address and she will then arrange pickup
personally or dropped off to your daughter at Genesis during her practice time.
ETA for receiving orders by end of November.

Any questions please reach out to Rachel Wiedemann here.
Flip Give
Don't forget to continue to make any online purchases through our FlipGive account.  We are still using this for fundraising purposes. 
Click here to get information on how to sign up - the ASHT code is on the bottom right of the second page.
If you know a team that could use this, let us know as we would both get extra fundraising $$$.
Ongoing Bottle "Drive"
Please share this around and make sure to take your bottles, your neighbours bottles, and your friends bottlesto the depot and donate to the club!
Do you want some ASHT merchandise?  We still have a few items left that are on SALE!  Please click on the button below for more information on pricing and who to contact for purchase.
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