10 September 2020
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Highlight: Frankfurt increases testing capacity to 10,000 a day
One of the most impressive airport COVID testing facilities is the one run by German biotech company Centogene for Frankfurt Airport (since extended to Hamburg) and the Lufthansa Group.
With the German school holidays now drawing to a close, Lufthansa released some statistics from the programme, which will see testing capacity in Frankfurt increased to 10,000 a day.
According to Lufthansa, over the Summer, more than 150,000 passengers were tested at Frankfurt Airport using Centogene's highly sensitive PCR test.
Lufthansa says that, about one percent of the samples were positive.  In addition, almost 50,000 passengers were tested before departure, for example to travel to China or Dubai, where a negative test result is mandatory for entry.
Testing prices in Frankfurt are a fairly reasonable €59 if you are prepared to wait eight hours, or a more pricey €139 for the express two hour service.
In our last newsletter we also talked about the departure tests being introduced in Rome.  Unlike the Centogene tests, these are rapid antigen tests from South Korean company SD Biosensor.
USA to stop screening international arrivals
According to Yahoo! News, the US is going to stop enhanced COVID screening for international travellers at 15 airports.
That screening procedure has involved temperature checks and being asked a series of questions.
There are questions about how effective temperature checks really are, with some experts calling them "safety theatre."
Using statistics from Taiwan, researchers from the University of Hawaii estimated that temperature checks filter out about 32% of infected passengers.
Much like the University of Hawaii academics, we do advocate the use of temperature checks, if it's used as one step among several that is used to steadily stop as many COVID-positive passengers from flying.
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