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This month is full of exciting EU policy news relevant for our community: the European Commission has published an Action Plan to secure access to critical raw materials and a European Raw Materials Alliance will be officially launched during the EIT RawMaterials Summit on 29 September. The launch will be streamed live via the European Commission's streaming services. To respond to the urgency and ambition of the European Green Deal objectives, the EU has also published just recently a €1 billion call for proposals. On the EFG side, we are pleased to announce two freshly endorsed training courses: the RawMatCop Academy organised by EIT RawMaterials and "Practical Geocommunication". European Geologist title holders benefit from reduced registration fees for both courses. We also draw your attention to our open invite for volunteer proof-readers and language translators. If you are passionate about geology and languages and would like to offer some of your freetime to support our outreach activities, we would be pleased to hear from you. Enjoy the reading!
News from EFG & its members
EFG News
Continuing Professional Development: Social competences and ethics requirements
Since 2019, European Geologist titleholders are required to follow Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses in the areas of social responsibility and ethics. This review of EFG’s CPD regulation was based on discussions with overseas fraternal organisations during which the need for training in both areas was explicitly recognised.
Whereas social responsibility training may cover topics such as first aid, fire protection or mine rescue, the ethics requirement involves courses on ethical conduct and how to comply with this obligation at a professional level.
To support you in your search for relevant courses, we have compiled a list of suggested online resources where training material on both topics is available. Most of these are free resources:
Invite for volunteer translators and proof-readers
Are you an early-career professional and would like to obtain insights into the work of an international not-for-profit association? EFG currently has an open invite for language translators for all European languages represented within our association. We are also looking for geologists who are (near) native English speakers interested in gaining experience in language editing.
Check out the full call at
EFG Members
APG becomes official CPD point provider
EFG has recently recognised its Portuguese member, the Portuguese Association of Geologists (Associação Portuguesa de Geólogos, APG), as an official CPD point provider. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities are therefore one of the annual requirements for European Geologists (EurGeols) to maintain their professional title.
APG has a long-standing experience in organising training for professional geologists and is also proposing e-learning courses since the beginning of 2020. | Read more
EFG Projects
ENGIE International Workshop with Invited Women Experts
On 4 September 2020, the ENGIE project organised its International Workshop with Invited Women Experts. The main objective of this virtual workshop was to identify the motivators and barriers for empowering young women to become geoscientists and engineers. For this purpose, eighteen successful women in the field of geoscience and geoengineering were invited to participate in the forum. | Read more
CROWDTHERMAL Advisory Board provides feedback on preliminary project results
On 16 September 2020, the CROWDTHERMAL project held its first Advisory Board workshop in order to validate outcomes of the first project year. The Advisory Board gathers experts from the geothermal, financial and social side. | Read more
INFACT Social Licence to Operate index
INFACT research findings have contributed to an understanding of the key environmental and social challenges that constrain the acceptability of the mineral and mining sector in Europe. Drawing on this understanding and additional research around social conflict in Europe, the project has determined a set of requirements for achieving and maintaining a Social Licence to Operate (SLO) in a European context. A trial version of the Social Licence to Operate index (SLOi) is freely available until October 10th. | Read more
REFLECT progress meeting and a first joint meeting with GEOPRO
REFLECT has been kicked-off 8 months ago and researchers of the project’s work packages 1 and 2 took this occasion for a first progress meeting on September 14 and 15, 2020. Additionally, the REFLECT coordination team and work package leaders had a first meeting with representatives from the GEOPRO project in order to identify synergies between the two projects and discuss joint activities. | Read more
GeoNews sponsors
European Institutions
EC Roadmap: Sharing geospatial data on the environment – evaluation (INSPIRE Directive)
Deadline for providing feedback: 19 October 2020 | Read more

European Green Deal Call
Deadline for applications: 26 January 2021
More information:!fn74DK
Related work programme:!tj88PW
ScienceIBusiness: Member states agree on cuts to 2021 R&D budget | Read more

ScienceIBusiness: Commission to publish plan for reviving the European Research Area
| Read more
CoR workshop: The role of the SDGs in the crisis recovery
21 October 2020, online | Read more
Panels of Experts
Petroleum Geoscience Call for papers: Geoscience for CO₂ storage
Deadline for submissions: 30 September 2020 | Read more
BetterGeoEdu project: Teaching about raw materials and geology with Minecraft
To raise awareness about raw materials and geology, BetterGeoEdu project decided to develop a mod for Minecraft, a game which has sold over 100 million copies worldwide. The game revolves around surviving in an open 3D world, collecting raw materials such as wood, rocks and metals to build houses, tools and weapons, to defend against monsters. Mining of raw materials such as metals and diamonds is a big part of the game; however, the game has simplified geology. Gold, diamonds and iron can all be found in the same grey rock called “stone”, whereas, in reality, hundreds of different rocks, minerals and ores host different raw materials. 
| Read more
European Institutions
EC Public consultation: EU Green Deal – Revision of the Energy Taxation Directive
Deadline for participation: 14 October 2020 | Read more
100% RHC EVENT 2020 / The RHC ETIP Annual Conference Online
15 October 2020 – Online – 2 pm to 5.30 pm (CET) | Read more
GEO-COAT seminar: Material characterisation and testing of coatings for corrosion challenges in high-temperature geothermal power production
21 October 2020, online | Read more

Clean energy for EU islands online forum
26-29 October 2020, online | Read more

Digital German Geothermal Congress 2020
9-13 November 2020, online | Read more
1st EAGE Geoscience in Energy Transition Conference
16-18 November 2020, online | Read more

For more events in the field of renewable energy, please check the EFG events calendar.
15th EWA Brussels Conference: The European Green Deal and Blue Challenges
Online l Read more
27 October 2020 at 14:30 CET: The European Green Deal and Blue Challenges
10 November 2020 at 14:30 CET: Research and Developments for the Water Environment
24 November 2020 at 14:30 CET: Water Framework Directive beyond 2027
8 December at 14:30 CET: Future Challenges of the Water Framework Directive
European Institutions
Launch of the European Raw Materials Alliance (EURMA)
29 September 2020, online

EC Action plan: Critical Raw Materials Resilience: Charting a Path towards greater Security and Sustainability | Read more

EC Foresight report: Critical raw materials for strategic technologies and sectors in the EU | Read more

2020 List of critical raw materials | Read more
2020 Mining Industry Survey: State of Play
State of Play is an independent research institute focused on strategy and innovation in the global mining industry. The institute’s biennial Mining Industry Survey has become the world’s largest mining industry survey. EFG supports this initiative and invites you to complete the 2020 edition of the survey which will provide insight into the changing global mining ecosystem and its effect on innovation. Completing the survey will take you approximately 15 minutes. Building on data gathered in previous years, the 2020 survey responses will be used to produce a report that takes an in-depth look at key industry drivers, strategic responses and innovation activity. You can access the survey here.
Raw Materials Summit 2020: Connecting innovation in the raw materials sector
29-30 September 2020, online | Read more
Webinars series: “Towards a responsible Supply Chain for Electronics - From Mining to Manufacturing”
28 September – 2 October 2020, online | Read more
  • Challenges in the copper supply chain (28th September, 10:00)
  • Artisanal and Small-scale Mining as part of a fair global supply chain (1st October, 10:00)
  • Trade union rights in the Indonesian electronics Industry (2nd October, 10:00)

REIA Webinar on Rare Earth Elements in Sustainable Circular Economy
1 October 2020, online | Read more

For more events in the field of minerals, please check the EFG events calendar.
European Gas Regulatory Forum
14-15 October 2020, online l Read more

SPE Russian Petroleum Technology Conference
26-29 October 2020, onlineRead more
For more events in the field of oil and gas please check the EFG events calendar.
Online training
RawMatCop Academy
13-22 October 2020
The RawMatCop Academy, Copernicus for RawMaterials, offers a hands-on approach and shows how to unlock the power of Copernicus for companies, organisations and research institutions along the entire life cycle of raw materials. During the online course, participants have the opportunity to work directly with Copernicus’ Sentinel satellite data and open-source software to learn how it can be used for:
Securing the primary and secondary mineral and material resources needed to transition to a sustainable and circular economy.
Monitoring environmental impact and increasing safety.
Deadline for registrations: 2 October (23:59 CET) l Read more
Please note: This course is endorsed by EFG. European Geologists benefit from reduced registration fees.
Practical Geocommunication
The course will be comprised of a series of lessons that dovetail communications theory into application, combined with a series of practical exercise which will allow the learner to implement the teaching into their own personal context.
The course will enable participants:
  • to understand the importance of communicating the geosciences
  • to learn how to communicate effectively in the geosciences through empathy, emotion, analogy and metaphor
  • to create strategies and models to make your own work engaging to the public
  • to appreciate and develop practical knowledge about various social media platforms and available tools to promote the geoscience
  • to learn how to identify and confidently challenge false information in the media
  • to understand the role of geoparks and geotourism and be able to implement your prior learning into effective on-the-ground strategies for engagement
Please note: This course is endorsed by EFG. European Geologists benefit from reduced registration fees. l Read more

IGF free online course on gender equality with EGP and UNDP l Read more
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