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Volunteers: The heart of our communities
One of the best parts of my job is honouring Yorkton—Melville’s volunteers – the men and women, boys and girls who form the backbone of our communities. Our riding would not be the best in the country without these selfless people giving so generously of their time and talent.

My office created the Yorkton--Melville Volunteer Recognition Awards in 2017 as part of the Canada 150 celebrations, with certificates and medallions presented at the first ceremony in October of that year.

To date, I have been honoured to recognize more than 40 very special people in our constituency with the Volunteer Recognition Awards. The recipients of the commemorative medals and certificates were nominated by their communities, peers, friends, and families for their dedication to fundraising projects, service organizations and special causes.

While 2020 didn’t allow me to hold a public ceremony, this year’s recipients deserve no less recognition. Knowing how vital our volunteers are, I’m so pleased to again be able to honour those that have been so committed to bettering our communities.

Congratulations to all 2019 Yorkton—Melville Volunteer Recognition Award recipients!
  • Jean Babiuk – Sturgis
  • Courtney Hart – Wadena
  • Jeannette Jaques – Endeavour
  • Ronald Jaques – Endeavour
  • James (Jim) McCallum – Saltcoats
  • Shirley Payne – Kelvington
  • Harry Prekaski – Stenen
  • Vern Schick – Good Spirit
  • Dave Spelay – Yorkton
  • Larry Ukrainetz – Tuffnell
  • Victor Wasylenchuk – Stenen

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Cathay Wagantall
Member of Parliament
Family and close friends gathered to celebrate two landmark occasions in Sturgis, where I was honoured to present my Volunteer Service Award to Jean Babiuk. She's very deserving. Congratulations, Jean!
Wadena is a flourishing community and home to 2020 graduate Courtney Hart. I was honoured to present her with my Volunteer Service Award for all the ways she has invested in her school and community. Thank you for introducing me to your grandparents and family in the backyard - a proud bunch!
I so enjoyed an overdue visit to the lovely hamlet of Endeavour to present Ron and Jeanette Jaques with Volunteer Service medals for their extraordinary service to their community.
I continued my travels to Kelvington, where I presented Shirley Payne with my Volunteer Service medal. Her “service with a smile” was mentioned in her nomination letter and it’s definitely contagious! Congratulations, Shirley!
In the rural gem of Stenen, current Mayor Victor Wasylenchuk and past Mayor Harry Prekaski have invested their lives in doing whatever needs to be done to serve this quaint community. I was so pleased to commend their commitment with my Volunteer Service Award.
We discovered so many connections in our lives as I visited with David and Faye Spelay before presenting Dave with my Volunteer Service Recognition Award for his many volunteer roles in Yorkton since 1975. Both have a deep passion for investing in others and in their community.
Saskatchewan deserves clarity on Justin Trudeau's 'WE' Scandal 
Saskatchewanians are resilient people. We play by the rules and want to do our part in rebuilding our economy after COVID-19. So, when students were told that the Liberal government was developing a ‘Canada Student Service Grant’ (CSSG) that would enable them to support their communities, there was cause for optimism.

Leave it to Justin Trudeau’s Liberals to keep students out in the cold. It’s been over a month now since Justin Trudeau’s ‘WE’ Scandal broke – a scheme to reward the WE Charity for their close ties and support of Justin Trudeau’s family and the Liberal Party.
Over a five-year period, federal contributions to WE increased tenfold. Over that same period, WE paid members of Trudeau’s family over $500,000 to speak at and attend their events. Plus, despite his clear conflict of interest with WE, Justin Trudeau’s handpicked Finance Minister, Bill Morneau accepted two luxury vacations worth $41,000 in 2017.

As Canadians learn more about the scandal, Justin Trudeau’s story keeps changing. Like you, I’m tired of the doublespeak.

In June, it was revealed that the ‘WE’ Charity would receive the nearly $1 billion CSSG contract. At the time, the Liberals told us that WE would receive $19 million to manage it. In July, that cost skyrocketed to over $43 million.

When the scandal broke, Justin Trudeau told us repeatedly that WE was the only organization that could deliver the CSSG. However, we now know that WE has no presence in Quebec, and that WE contracted the delivery of the grant in francophone communities to a public relations firm. This contradicts Justin Trudeau’s claim that only WE could deliver the program.

Cabinet approved WE to manage the CSSG on May 22nd, but it began incurring expenses for the program on May 5th – two and a half weeks earlier. Why was WE so sure that they would be approved? Although Justin Trudeau claims that he had axed discussion of WE from a May 8th cabinet meeting for further scrutiny, multiple witnesses have told us the opposite.

These inconsistencies need clarity, but by shutting down Parliament, the Liberals have made it difficult for Conservatives to hold the Prime Minister to account. Saskatchewan’s Conservative caucus is doing all it can to shed light on this scandal and get the truth that you deserve. The Ethics Commissioner is investigating, and Conservatives have written to the RCMP and the Lobbying Commissioner asking them to investigate. However, we can’t do it alone. Full, in-person sittings of the House of Commons are needed urgently, which is why I sponsored e-petition 2629 back in May. Now that Trudeau has prorogued Parliament, signing e-2629 online before September 26th is even more crucial because he has already ‘artificially’ prorogued for months. It is never too late to take governments to task for poor decisions.

As Justin Trudeau’s WE Scandal unravels and more of the truth comes to light, Trudeau’s story will inevitably change. However, one thing is certain: the CSSG was never about students. By putting his family and friends above the people he was elected to serve, Justin Trudeau has put Saskatchewan’s recovery at risk. Our students – all Canadians – deserve better.
News Release: Wagantall praises Leslyn Lewis’s campaign, congratulates O’Toole as Party unites to defeat Justin Trudeau
August 25th, 2020
OTTAWA, ON— Cathay Wagantall, Member of Parliament for Yorkton—Melville, today expressed her appreciation to Dr. Leslyn Lewis for her hard-fought campaign to seek the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada.

“I consider myself privileged to have been part of her team,” said Wagantall. “Her campaign was truly one of courage, compassion and common sense. I knew from the outset that she would unite Canadians on the issues they value. Last night’s results are a testament to what makes her such a refreshing candidate — articulate, reasonable, gutsy and trustworthy.”

MP Wagantall was among the first to endorse Lewis in April. The eight-month campaign came to a close on Sunday evening with Erin O’Toole’s victory on the third ballot. Despite being eliminated on the second ballot, Lewis’s campaign performed well across the country— especially in Western Canada and amongst social conservatives.

“No one could have predicted Sunday night’s outcome eight months ago,” continued Wagantall. “Many counted [Lewis] out and didn’t even expect her to submit the $300,000 required to run. She smashed that target and rose to win the popular vote on the second ballot. She has earned the respect of our party’s grassroots and the party leadership, as well as the mainstream media.”

“Leadership campaigns can be divisive, but I had no fear of that as part of Lesyln’s team. She can be enormously proud of her campaign of ideas that unite Canadians in all regions and of all backgrounds: fiscal responsibility, protection of our fundamental freedoms, care for our most vulnerable, and an affirmation of the family as the foundation of our society.”

With the leadership campaign over and a federal election possible in the near future, Wagantall congratulated Erin O’Toole and urged Conservatives to stand with the new leader. “I couldn’t be happier for Erin and congratulate him and his wonderful family,” she said. “Our country desperately needs leadership. Justin Trudeau lost the moral authority to govern long before our leadership race, which is why I’m thrilled to be able to stand with Erin as we share our vision for a united Canada, revitalizing our economy, and restoring international relationships with our allies around the world.”
Posing with Dr. Leslyn Lewis during her visit to Yorkton (August 10, 2020).
A day on the ranch
VIDEO: Ranchers employ skilled riding to separate cows from calves.
I'm thankful for our cattle ranchers who were able to persevere through the processing plant backlogs due to COVID-19. Food security was impacted. Our young ranchers could not afford insurance premiums and were not supported by the Liberal government in their request for assistance.
I appreciated Levi Hull of the Saskatchewan Cattlemen’s Association showing me the ropes on a very busy day!
Yorkton welcomes The Rolling Barrage
It was an honour for Yorkton--Melville to host The Rolling Barrage - a coast-to-coast motorbike rally - as they rode across Canada to raise support for Military Minds Inc. and to raise awareness of veteran PTSD. Thanks to the Honourable Greg Ottenbreit (MLA for Yorkton); Yorkton City Counsellor Quinn Haider; Legion No. 77 President Comrade Ken Gordon; the Yorkton Salvation Army; and Lieutenant Samuel Tim for your words, prayer and support for our CAF, RCMP and First Responders.

It was wonderful to have our Yorkton Legion No. 77 and Silver Cross Mother, Bonnie Rushowick, welcome The Rolling Barrage.
Saskatchewan's Conservative Caucus meets at Kenosee Lake
In late July, the Saskatchewan Conservative Caucus hosted a series of meetings with various stakeholder groups in our province. A big thanks goes out to the following groups for taking the time to meet with us to share the concerns they are personally facing during these trying times: Saskatchewan Weekly Newspapers Association, Saskatchewan Hotel & Hospitality Association, Saskatchewan Cattle Feeders Association, Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association, Fire Sky Energy, the mayors of Weyburn and Estevan, and the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce.
Saskatchewan caucus meets with the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce at Kenosee Lake.
News Release: Sex Selective Abortion Act remains intact despite parliamentary shutdown
August 20, 2020
OTTAWA, ON — Cathay Wagantall, Member of Parliament for Yorkton—Melville, today reassured her constituents and all Canadians that her Private Member’s Bill, C-233: the Sex Selective Abortion Act, remains intact despite Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s decision to prorogue parliament.

“By proroguing parliament, the Prime Minister has suspended our parliamentary duties and our efforts to investigate his corruption,” said Wagantall. “While prorogation means that government bills ‘die’ before they can be passed, parliamentary rules ensure that Private Members’ Bills, including the Sex Selective Abortion Act, are preserved for when the House of Commons returns.”

MP Wagantall introduced the Sex Selective Abortion Act on February 26th and has been awaiting the first round of debate on the bill. If passed, C-233 would amend the Criminal Code to prohibit a medical professional from performing an abortion if the reason is the sex of the pre-born child.

Justin Trudeau prorogued Parliament on August 18th, shutting down parliamentary investigations into the ‘WE’ Scandal and setting the stage for a Speech from the Throne on September 23rd. Private Members’ Business is also suspended until that date.

However, Tuesday’s prorogation merely extends a five-month hiatus on Private Members’ Business. By shuttering the House of Commons in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Liberals suspended all work on Private Members’ Bills.

“Parliament has been ‘artificially’ prorogued for almost half a year,” added Wagantall. “Our ability to hold the Liberals accountable in the House and at Committee has been curtailed. We have also been unable to address the issue of sex-selective abortion in Canada. Eighty-four percent of Canadians would like this form of sex-based discrimination to be illegal.”

In the event of a dissolution of parliament and an election, every bill before the House of Commons would be terminated, including C-233.

“It will be a decision for the next leader of the Conservative Party as to whether we will attempt to trigger an election,” said Wagantall. “Until then, I will remain focused on defending pre-born girls and equality between the sexes.”

Wagantall said she is humbled by the support her bill has received from across the country and across the political spectrum. “Five thousand Canadians have already signed a petition in support of C-233,” she said. “Please continue to share the petition available at Sex-selective abortion is wrong and should have no place in our country.”
On July 24th, I sat down with K.R. Davidson, host of Canadian Justice on The News Forum to discuss my Private Member's Bill, the Sex Selective Abortion Act. 
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