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Dear FFellows,
Although the year is almost two months old, we feel like it is worth taking a look back into what has been going on from the beginning of the year.
One important meeting took place with Dirk Gerasch, a dear friend of mine and former business partner, when I was still working in the Automotive Industry. Dirk is the owner of one of the most successful brand agencies in Germany. They for example have the whole Bosch Branding Etat.
We met him personally on December 28 and we started sparring and co-creating the project with him. The outcome was amazing.
Dirk Gerasch
Dirk is not only a creative head, but can also play devil's advocate in a loving and co-creative way. He is an expert in finding the missing links and pieces in Brand Experiences and Stories, and knows how to extract the essentials for clear brand identity and communication.
When he started connecting the dots, his clear feedback was:
“Where is the story?” and with that, he meant the product story. And yes, it is true. So far, we have been focused on the Why and the How. It was clear that we have two different story lines:
  • The method for a new society: FFellowism - the Why and How
  • The products and services: Absolute Art Sensations, Shared Essence Marketplace for Philanthropy and Co-Creation - the What
A lot of people just need the “What”. That is the stuff people in the “normal world” get really excited about. No matter if it is potential clients, business partners or patrons. It is like someone who loves to go to the movies. They enjoy the movie, the story. They don’t care how it was created, or why it was created, they don’t care what technology was applied to create special effects, and how many people were needed.
If someone wants to dive deeper – sure! We just clearly learned, that not everyone needs to know the whole picture in all details. The information is available, but nobody is forced to know it all. So also for all of us, that means:
Take what you feel you need.
It is all about story telling. Don’t describe, tell stories in a sharp and smart way. That means to go audiovisual as well, instead of just the written form.
Here is some feedback of his on Fast Forward:
  • This is very complete, bold and ambitious, yet it all makes perfect sense
  • The complexity needs to be broken down in an amount of information people can handle
  • What you are doing is disrupting and inspiring
  • Absolute art sensations and 1111 society are necessary and there is a lot of demand
His 17 year old son spontaneously joined the discussion when it came to target group oriented communication: “Do as the romans do: Take this simple standard method to let it spread easily.” We realized with him once more how important the younger generation is to consult with. They no so much we are not even aware of. His son has a fascination for history and combines it with his observations in the analog and digital world.
After that meeting, we created a fresh new and simplified deck for the Fast Forward Movement with links in blue to go deeper into the content for those that feel drawn to know more.
We are happy about and truly grateful for your feedback on it, also in terms of what you are missing in communication and what you need from Fast Forward.
Which brings me to the next point. We can see so clearly now that Fast Forward is not about building a new system in a parallel universe, completely separate from the old system. No. It is all about understanding how a virus works. A virus has the most clever way of distributing itself quickly. It is small, nobody notices it, and it needs a host to spread. Then it is unstoppable. We are that virus for the new way of living and being of humanity. Instead of trying to build up everything on our own – we are using hosts, that like and resonate with what we do. The hosts are going to spread it much quicker than we ever could. No matter if it is Cisco, the City of Amsterdam, Amvest, Amex Centurion, the Ikea Foundation... Once they committed to a co-creation – they will do the marketing for Fast Forward. This way – the system transforms much quicker than it ever could by trying to do it alone.
Agustí wants to have 1:1 talks with everyone who is involved and has expressed the intention to contribute in Fast Forward/FFabric, to be the sparring to find out what exactly your contribution could be and how to integrate it into the organism. He will approach you directly. Of course it is your choice if you want to have that exchange with him or not.
Before you have the talk with him - if you have not done so, please watch the whole film “El Somni”.
There is a reason for it. When Renato was visiting us in Amsterdam, we watched it together, and his feedback was clear: Without watching this film, there is no way to understand what we are going to produce and how we will touch people.
What ABSOLUTE ART SENSATIONS (AARTS) will be experienced in an example. This project from 2013 is the benchmark from which we will start to create new things. Of course, our productions are so much more than only that. It will go into all different kinds of areas of art experiences. Nevertheless, this example shows what was possible already to take it from there.
To show some of the other exciting projects, Agustí has created the presentation “Now and Next”.
We would also like to recommend to listen to this podcast interview we gave to Mark Lindenberg for Leiden University (Anthropology) podcast radio on FFellowism, to get more insights on how we see the broader context of how art relates to the shift in society
Please come up with your doubts, questions, comments, feedback to all of it in this talk with Agustí. It is all about gaining a clearer understanding for what is needed and what your contribution is. It is not about Agusti telling you what to do, it is about yourself sharing what resonates, what you love to do, and how to start co-creating and contributing in some projects/circles). What you are doing NOW and NEXT. Agustí is really good at that, he’s done it more than once with me, he showed me where I was blocking myself or had limiting beliefs, and I am really grateful for the outcome.
As we had communicated already in the first newsletter. Building up co-creative momentum is the key. Agustí and I can no longer do that alone. We have done what was possible in our specific function, to set it up and to make it complete (for now). It is a living organism after all, so it will keep shifting and changing and evolving.
It is now for all us to grab our tasks and start contributing with what we love and to learn how to align and how to co-create in this way. Trial and Error is a necessary part of it, also in the process of finding out what we are and what we are not. What excites us and what not.
Here as a reminder of the things that we need and want support with:
  • The brand development (including communication, culture and design)
  • The organisation of get togethers and co-creative meetings
  • The technological infrastructure for internal and external activities (communication, project and task management, decision making)
  • The set up of the foundations to be an official organization
Thank you all so much for being and taking part of/in this. Let’s do this together because we can!
Much love
Vera and Agustí
Fast Forward Foundation
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