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Newsletter 55
Dear reader,
A new face and a visual refresh of the KWB newsletter - a lot has happened since the last issue. My name is Jochen Rabe, I am a professor at the Einstein Center Digital Future for Urban Resilience and Digitalisation - and since June 1, 2020, the new Managing Director of KWB.

You can read about my first five months at KWB and about the projects we want to tackle together by clicking on the button below this paragraph. Or just scroll down to another exciting topic of this issue, which I hope you enjoy reading.
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Latest news
How can green gas be used in the areas of transport, industry and building heating? Biomethane and hydrogen are obtained from wastewater and sewage sludge, both of which are “green energy sources” with great potential for the energy transition.
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How can industrial water use become smarter and is there any synergy potential? In the EU project ULTIMATE, we are looking for answers together with 26 partners.
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In an interview, our new managing director Jochen Rabe talks about how he has experienced the last few months in his new role, about the development potential of the KWB, about the connection between water, urban resilience and digitalisation and about where you can meet him when he happens not to be in his office at the KWB.
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Research news
H2O + Digital = <3
Water and digitalisation belong together (just think of data flow). Under the leadership of the KWB, the EU research project Digital-Water.City is dedicated to the development of 15 digital solutions for the water sector of tomorrow.
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Greener plants
Not everyone thinks of sewage treatment plants and granulated activated sludge when talking about “carbon footprint”. The E-VENT project demonstrates that it is well worth considering the coherences and that the CO2 footprint can also be significantly reduced in these areas.
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A leg...
....is hanging from the ceiling. What does this have to do with river hygiene (FLUSSHYGIENE)? In fact, there is a connection between the measuring devices in the depicted ship’s hold, forecast models and digital solutions for predicting water quality.
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We have read the United Nations World Water Development Report 2020, "Water and Climate Change" for you.
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Once upon a time events used to be quite different (see image above). But we certainly can rock online, too. Find out where you can meet us virtually.
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