NEWSIssue 5 - October 2020
Regular Groups: We're Back!
  • Singing for Health Online: 
    Fridays 2:45-4pm from 23rd October 2020 to 11th December 2020 via Zoom! £4 per Zoom session payable via our website (No-one excluded due to inability to pay!)
Newsletter News ...
We are going electronic! 
Playing for Cake (PFC) have begun work on providing clients, sponsors (and anyone else who is interested!) with electronic copies of our newsletter via email. This is our first one!
You can opt out anytime (just click or tap on Unsubscribe here at the bottom of the Newsletter or contact us).
We will distribute paper versions at our face-to-face workshops when they return, in local shops etc. or on request.
Please help us reach out by sharing our newsletter with others!  Find out more about us and what we do at
Isolation blues?  Why not try one of our online sessions!
Whether you're isolating for health reasons or you live alone, interacting with other people can be a great way of giving you a lift - and singing is good for you!
Interacting with others can provide a splash of colour in what otherwise would be a dull day. We all need it but sometimes we cannot bring ourselves to orgainise getting it. And the current Covid crisis is leading even more people to isolate themselves.
Technology has provided us with ways of keeping in contact without having to be in the same room. Joining one of our on-line sessions (even if it's only to listen or chat) is an easy way of getting some of that interaction. Coming along regularly can be even more effective, as you will begin to make on-line friends, and who knows, one day, you may be able to meet them in person.
Believe me (I live alone) when I say, my interactions with people on-line over this difficult period, have saved me.
Ervin, Director, Playing for Cake.
Zoom for scaredy cats!
We are using a piece of technology called Zoom, at present, to deliver our Singing For Health sessions on-line. You can see a picture of a session above. Following a break, we are starting up again for 8 weeks from 23rd October 2020.
Using any new technology is scary, but here at PFC, we aim to take the scariness out of it and provide you with a simple way of joining in on our on-line Zoom sessions. These sessions will be a great support during these times of lockdown and beyond - a regular fun-filled hour to put in your diary.  
To take part, you need a laptop/desktop, or a smartphone/tablet (Apple or Google/Android), or another device that can run Zoom. You must also be somewhere with access to fast broadband. Unfortunately, you won't be able to take part without these two elements.
Before you start, you should know...
  • Zoom is FREE and SAFE!
  • You can just watch - you don't have to sing and make merry (but we think you'll end up joining in or at least having a bit of a giggle!).
  • You can't break the internet or your phone/tablet or your computer using Zoom.
  • You may feel silly singing to yourself in your room - but you will get used to it and if it benefits your health and wellbeing then it's worth it!
  • Getting carers, loved-ones and people in your social bubble to do it with you can be great fun and may help you get started.
  • You will very probably have lots of fun, feel healthier, less isolated and make friends.
To take part, email and she wil send you a simple meeting link. You can then click (with your mouse) or tap (with your finger) on this link. If Zoom is not already installed on your device, the first time you click/tap this meeting link, Zoom will be automatically installed before taking you into the meeting. For subsequent sessions, clicking this meeting link will simply take you to the meeting.
If you want to be seen, you should put some clothes on (!) and then Enable Video when Zoom asks. If you want to be heard you should then Enable Internet calling/audio when Zoom asks.
If you are interested in having a sing-song or playing along during the sessions, you can access our lyrics and chords here.
Then... let the merriment begin!
(PS You can always contact us if you need help! We can arrange a short 1-1 session if necessary.)
Jokes From The Boys
I’m heading to Greenwich later today. Wonder what to do in the meantime?

I was attacked by a flock of sheep yesterday, fortunately I was only grazed.

They say that “50 is the new 30” but I still got three points on my licence!
Thanks to Michael Rivett!
What did the dad buffalo say to his son when he left for college? "Never wash your hands in a bison!"
Get Jiggy With Us!
Amanda is currently working with Brian, Tina, and Mike O’Kane, to create energetic fun-filled Ceilidh type sessions for PFC. These will involve music and dance, lively percussion rhythms and friendly social interaction for all ages and abilities (you don’t have to be able to dance to join the fun!)
We would hope to start these as soon as the Covid-19 restrictions are relaxed to allow us to meet up again in face to face groups. So dust off your maracas, brush up your Do-si-Do and prepare to “Get Jiggy” with us…!
Training and Beyond
Back in January of this year, Amanda and David went to Snape Maltings for training sessions run by Sing to Beat Parkinson’s, (the Canterbury Cantata Trust). They had previously both helped out with our Skylarks, Singing for Health and other PFC groups set up by Tina Blaber.

Owing to the Coronavirus regulations, PFC have had to confine activities to Singing for Health Online sessions via Zoom and Amanda and David have actively (and energetically!) risen to the challenge!  
Amanda and David have also “spread their wings” to include leading one-hour PFC sessions as part of the North Walsham Parkinson’s UK group, which is currently being run online via Zoom by Andy Harding on the fourth Tuesday of each month. These one-hour interactive music sessions enable Amanda and David to share more widely the inspiration and skills learned at Snape Maltings. For more information about the Parkinson’s UK sessions contact Andy.
From Virology to Voice!
We are so lucky to have such a great team of expertise at PFC. Professor Jeffrey Davies has become a valued part of our team and is contributing to our Singing for Health Online sessions alongside his able and talented assistant Jayne Burch!
Jeffrey has had an international career in science, having published over 100 peer-reviewed papers! Simultaneously, he also studied singing and gained his Royal College of Music diplomas in both performance and teaching. Congratulations on your recent award of a Fellowship from the Incorporated Society of Musicians, Jeff!
Jeffrey took early retirement in 2002, after 22 years as the Head of the Virus Research Department at the Colney Research Park. He began combining his careers by taking a scientific interest in voice and the training of singers and singing teachers. This developed into voice rehabilitation, gaining referrals from Consultants and SLTs for patients with vocal problems.

Jeffrey's membership of the British Voice Association has led to him chairing meetings, including one on the brain and voice, helping develop a BVA course and publishing a joint paper with other BVA members on enabling singing teachers to learn more in hospital voice clinics.

Interest in the voice and the brain increased for Jeffrey since he diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2011. He’d already begun to notice that his voice was weaker, particularly when needing to be heard by groups of people, such as directing actors in plays or tutoring in masterclasses, often resulting in him having to shout to be heard. Jeffrey realized that his Parkinson’s symptoms were reducing his breath capacity and causing muscle rigidity,W resulting in the weakening of his voice, not helped by his hiatus hernia! Applying singing lessons to himself, his voice has improved in quality, strength, size and range. When opportunities arise, Jeffrey is always pleased to be able to help others who might benefit from his expertise and experience.
Thank you Jeff and Jayne!  We will get your bios (with photos!) included in our Team page soon.
The PFC team is enriched further by some of our former participants who have gone on to lead songs and activities at our group sessions. More about them in the next edition!
Keep Cosy This Winter!
If you rely on oil for your heating, you’ll know that the price per litre can fluctuate depending on when and how much you order. Community Action Norfolk (CAN) (a local charity) runs a collective oil buying scheme called ThinkingFuel, which offers consistently low prices on heating oil by buying in bulk on behalf of its members. Find out more about how to join and benefit via their website here or by telephoning them on 01362 698216.
We need SPONSORSHIP for our newsletter! If you know of businesses that might like to advertise here or offer some corporate sponsorship, please let us know!
We are blessed with a number of opportunities to get involved with music locally, to use your voice and help improve your general health and wellbeing. See below for a few other local groups you may be interested in (see earlier for PFC regular sessions). There’s something for everyone!
The Jam Club currently meets monthly online via Zoom - find out more or contact them via their Facebook page. You can just login to listen, sing-along or perform!
Singing workshops (not a choir!) for people aged 18 and over to get together and enjoy themselves and to gain the known benefits to mental health from singing. Groups meet around Norfolk on a regular basis in Norwich, King's Lynn, Attleborough, Great Yarmouth and Sheringham - the latter on Monday afternoons. AT PRESENT THEY ARE RUNNING THEIR SESSIONS ON-LINE VIA ZOOM. Everyone welcome, especially mental health service users and people facing a mental health challenge such as bereavement, stress, anxiety or depression. Full information is on the organisation's website - - where you can also make contact for answers to any questions.
a voluntary group seeking to promote all performing arts (including: live music performers, poets, magicians, dancers, etc.) in Sheringham via Open Mic sessions. They give performers a chance to demonstrate and develop their talents and to give novices a go. They normally meet at the Youth Hostel Assocation, Cremers Drift, Sheringham, but for now they are running on-line sessions via the Rock The Lobster Remote Live Facebook page on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month at 20:30.
Everyone welcome.Find out more from Ervin ( or ask Ervin at one of PFC’s regular group sessions.  You can also visit or visit their Facebook page at Rock The Lobster Remote Live
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